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Contract Amendments & Renewals Process

Contract Amendment, Addendum, Renewal & Termination Processes

During the life of the contract, modifications to the terms and relationship are inevitable. Handle these requirements quickly and properly using Contract Logix‘ contract options and binders. Easily perform contract amendments, addendums, renewals and terminations with purpose-built tools. Accurately capture amendments with automatic contract numbering and versioning and access any version historically. Create addendums and SOW’s using master-sub or parent-child relationships. Generate renewal documents and store related documents in the system. Capture termination dates and documentation. Contract Logix gives you the tools needed for all of these actions.

Contract options not only lets you perform concise activities, but lets you maintain a holistic view of the contract record. That’s because we leverage a binder approach architecturally which is similar to offline contract folders. Really makes it simple to use but powerful to put to work for your organization.

Contract Logix will deliver holistic views of your contract amendments and renewals.

Create and capture amendments or modifications quickly with automatic contract versioning and numbering

Quickly tracking and execute renewals and contract terminations

Leverage master-sub or parent-child contract relationships for appropriate linking of records

View, report and roll-up relationships during searching and reporting

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Contract Amendments & Termination Processes

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Data-Driven Contract Amendments & Renewals

Contract Amendments & Termination Processes

Complete and holistic contract tracking for a total view of the modifications and updates to the contract

Show related records and dates across the full hierarchy of records

Utilize master verses child data or contract information to leverage workflow and business rules throughout your process

Report and track amendment, addendum, termination and renewal data

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