Contract Archival & Data Retention Process

Contract Archival & Data Retention Process

Maintain records and documents using system archive capabilities to ensure all corporate rules and policies are met for data record and document retention. Contract Logix solutions automatically employ ‘soft-delete’ functionality so information can never be accidentally deleted and is archived and acessible. Quickly view archived records and documents and restore as needed.

Leverage system alerting to be notified when records need to be deleted from archive. Maintain records for different notification periods for retention.

Contract Logix will empower your CLM archival and retention process.

Archive records and documents throughout the system with 'soft-delete' technology architecture

View read-only records from the archive and restore them as required or changes occur

Retain information using custom dates and notifications to enable retention periods

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Contract Archive & Data Rentention

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Data-Driven Contract Archival & Data Retention

Contract Archival & Data Retention Process

Never delete or accidentally lose data or documents within the system

Control access to all archived data or record types in the system to ensure only the right people have access to historical data

Keep archived records audited using the system audit and reporting capabilities

Periodically report or view archived records to administer time frames accepted by your industry standards or data retention policies

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