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Contract Management Software from Contract Logix.

Contract Management Software

Proactively and efficiently manage contracts using Contract Logix’s contract management software. Our elegant system provides businesses in dozens of industries with the means to efficiently manage their contract documents and data.

Customer-Centric Service

Partner with us – we’re in this together. Our Professional Services Team has years of experience enabling our customers to administer and use our contract management systems. We are committed to your success!

Market-Leading Solution

Our cloud based contract management software leverages the knowledge and experience we’ve gained through our 11+ year legacy in the marketplace to automate and optimize your existing contracting processes, making you more efficient and effective.

Maximize Contract Value

Ensure commitments are acted upon with clear visibility into your contract data and documents. Contract Logix’ contract management software helps mitigate risk, while controlling your expenses and boosting revenue.

Our Promise

We love what we do! We’ll deliver exceptional value to you, our customer. Our innovative contract management software will ensure you gain invaluable contracting insights throughout your organization.

Why Choose Us?

We’re passionate about the success of our customers. We realize our growth comes from your use of our contract management system to dramatically improve your contracting processes. We’re ready to help make that happen!

Experience Contract Management Innovation.

Optimize your contracting process with powerful, user-friendly, and configurable contract management solutions built with every-day business users in mind. Contract Logix is a long-tenured, proven industry leader who delivers exceptional results through our contract management system. Our solutions help make your job easier, your contracts more organized, and your risk minimized.

Proactively and efficiently manage contracts using our best-in-class contract management software.

Centralize all your business agreements in a secure contract repository.

Make smarter decisions and ensure your obligations are acted upon with clear visibility into your contract data and documents.

Professional Services Team has years of experience and knowledge – ready to be put to work for you.

Seamlessly integrate our best-in-class contract management system throughout your business.

Onboard Quickly & Centralize Your Contracts.

With the Contract Logix Express Solution, centralize your contracts into a single electronic repository. Streamline your contract management. Create alerts, tasks and calendar reminders. Drag and drop your related documents right into the system, and create roll-based security so the right people within your organization have access to the right information. For the first time you’ll feel like you’ve got complete control of your contracts.

Quickly learn and adopt this extremely user-friendly contract management solution.

Optimize your contract management process to reduce expenses & maximize value.

Have all the information you need at your fingertips any time its needed.

Never miss another an important contract term, date, or deadline.

Replace clutter & chaos with control and confidence.

Access via your choice of browser.

Featuring 1-hour onboarding.

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Drive Professional Contract Management Results.

With Contract Lifecycle Management Software from Contract Logix, start intelligently managing your contracts while drastically reducing the time and effort it takes. Comprehensive, yet easy to use feature-set delivers key value at all levels throughout your business.

Accelerate your contract process from start to finish.

Start making smarter decisions with improved contract insights and clear visibility into your contract documents and data.

Maximize contract value by controlling expenses and revenue.

Leverage our best-in-class solution to proactively and efficiently manage your contracts.

Robust, Enterprise-Class Contract Solutions.

With Enterprise Contract Management Software from Contract Logix, integrating your contract process throughout your organization is secure, robust and fully scalable. Seamlessly integrate your other software systems.

Leverage a robust, enterprise-level architecture, allowing you to tightly integrate contract management into your existing infrastructure, data models, and processes.

Elegant system provides businesses in more than 50 industries with the tools they need to efficiently manage their contracts.

Gain the right insights and overall contract management best practices throughout your organization.

Innovation At Your Service.

Innovative services that help you get results – faster.  The Contract Logix Professional Services Team delivers value through extensive knowledge and years of experience.

Realize quick results through our proven implementation process.

Best Practice methodology to help deliver fundamental insights and discovery for your contract processes, documents and data.

Comprehensive service offerings maximizes ROI and value.

Rapid user adoption – for any size deployment.

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The Value of Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions.

Find out the value of Contract Management Software and how it can impact your business with our extensive resource library. Learn how contract management systems can help control the two most important business factors in any business: expenses and revenue.

Download the latest industry research, reports and whitepapers.

Share and leverage collateral materials such as company and product brochures and more.

View our On-Demand Webcasts and Webinars.

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Exceptional Value You Can Measure.

Simply put – Contract Logix delivers exceptional value to our customers through innovative contract software and services.

Realize near-immediate return on your investment.

Maximize the value of every single contract.

Never miss another deadline, expiration, or renewal date.

Selected by hundreds of customers in more than 50 different industries.

Get the most out of your contracts by leveraging our 18+ years of experience in the CLM marketplace.

Why Choose Us? Leadership

Experience Success.

Contracts are an integral part of your business. They are the formal, legally binding and enforceable agreements that define the specifics of your business relationships and transactions.  Efficiently managing your contracts is vital to the success of your enterprise. Contract Logix’ contract management software streamlines and optimizes this mission-critical business function from contract creation, to your approval processes, to contract renewals, providing countless benefits to your organization.

Legal teams, as well as procurement, compliance, accounting, administration, and sales operations professionals use our contract management system to manage their  contract lifecycle.

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