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1-Hour Onboarding

Hit the Ground Running: 1-Hour Onboarding.

“The implementation of Contract Logix has been a total game-changer.  The Customer Success team we work with at Contract Logix is superb.  They are always available and immediately responsive.  The configuration phase was a truly collaborative experience, and it was the Contract Logix team’s continued sensitivity and responsiveness that kept our project timeline on track.”

– Contracts and Grants Supervisor, Government Agency

You can learn how to administer and manage the Contract Logix Express Solution in about an hour. Our expert training team teaches your designated system administrator how to configure your system to meet your organization’s specific needs, import your contract information that is currently housed in Excel spreadsheets, and attach any related documents to records within the system. This way, your end-users can be up and running in no time. During the onboarding process, your administrator learns how to use the user-friendly interface to:

Define settings such as login, security & password strength.

Add and suspend end-user access.

Create & edit roles & permissions.

Define organization, contact, contract, and document “types.”

Create page layouts, fields, drop-down values, and requirements.

Compose email templates with merged information from field-level data.

Import & migrate contract data & documents.

Define “alert” rules, by record type.

Create retention rules (e.g. delete/archive) by record type.

Once the system has been configured, your end-user community is pointed to online video tutorials that enable them to hit the ground running in managing your organization’s contracts. They will learn to:

Create organization, contact, and contract records.

Drag and drop, then attach associated documents.

Search for content in any record or document.

Create in-app and email alerts and tasks.

Manage your contracts with newfound efficiency.

The Contract Logix support team is available by phone or email to assist you along the way.

Why Choose our Express Solution?

Contract Logix is one of the longest tenured companies in the contract management space, with more than a decade’s experience. Leveraging what we’ve learned during that time, we built our Express Solution with ease of onboarding and ease of adoption in mind for companies who are currently managing their contracts through manual processes.  Start by centralizing your contracts and getting a handle on the important terms and dates that they contain to ensure compliance and minimize your risk. Benefit from our:

Years of experience with hundreds of businesses and thousands of users.

Intuitive, easy, step-by-step implementation process.

Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use end-user interface.

Robust central repository.

Alerts & reminders.

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