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Premium™ Contract Lifecycle Management

Premium CLM

Contract Logix’ Premium CLM Platform is the total package. Robust, feature-rich software that delivers end-to-end contract lifecycle management. The smart platform transforms your entire process by enabling both pre and post-execution contract functions. Execute contracts faster on the front-end and make sure you stay in compliance after signature. Contract Logix will quickly streamline your workflow.

Premium CLM gives users comprehensive functionality for even the most regulated and complex organizations. Quickly gain knowledge to improve your business decisions, monitor compliance and mitigate risk. Better yet, start proactively managing your contracts with a complete contract solution for any industry.

Premium CLM Benefits:

Streamline your entire workflow with both pre and post-execution lifecycle management

Capture, execute and manage contracts with stage and status tracking and complete visibility

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Premium Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Complete Central Repository

The Premium CLM Platform’s central repository incorporates all of the day-to-day features you expect in a complete CLM solution. Capture, store and monitor unlimited data, documents and supporting materials using intelligent software for any stage in your process. The system gives you total control, so you can design and manage sophisticated amounts of information – or just keep it simple.

Leverage the Platform to give your business a modern software experience that will simply transform your centralized contract process. Take advantage of smart contract technologies to proactively fulfill every contractual obligation from start to finish.

Sophisticated or Simple:

Design any type of record to capture contracts, organizations, contacts and documents and other information

Control access to your system information using robust, role-based security features

Use out-of-the-box forms to get up and running quickly or set-up the system to be simple or as sophisticated as needed

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Contract Request & Intake

With Contract Logix, you can quickly empower everyone in your business using centralized request and intake forms. Submit new contract requests, 3rd party contracts for review or create self-help forms to quickly generate new documents based on templates. Contract Logix’s Premium CLM Platform uses web forms that are accurate and exceptionally easy-to-use. So stop using email and other antiquated technologies, and start enabling your business lines to start the contract process off right – from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Initiate Contracts Right:

Centrally submit contract requests and 3rd party contracts for review using easy web forms

Empower business users while drastically improving visibility and communication for requests

Inform submitters every step of the way using stage and status tracking for requests

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Contract Request and Intake
Contract Creation & Drafting

Document Creation & Authoring

Increase your speed and legal compliance by creating negotiation-ready contracts from pre-approved language. Using clause and template libraries, Contract Logix brings together a suite of document creation and authoring tools that unconditionally (…or conditionally if you must) ensure contracts are drafted properly. Even everyday non-legal users can quickly generate legally-compliant contracts accurately – with ease.

Contract Logix’ Premium CLM Platform automatically manages your business rules and auto-populates your documents with all record data. Merge single or multi-parties, addresses, contract dates and terms, line items, compliance requirements, and more. 

Accurate, Negotiation-ready Contracts:

Pre-approved language stored in central clause and template libraries

Automatically includes or excludes contract language based on your business rules and conditions

Merge any record-level data into documents including one-to-many products, services and others

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Workflow Automation

Contract Logix’ workflow automation and visual designer tools provide powerful control over your contract processes. Design unlimited workflows with business rules using an intuitive interface to ensure every step is exactly how you planned. Choose from user actions, system actions and workflow logic to guide end users through your process and let workflow automate everything else.

Contract Logix gives you everything you need to manage even the most complex requirements. Automate notifications, tasks, document creation, approvals and more – all while letting Premium CLM’s workflow keep your data such as stages and statuses all up-to-date.

Reimagine Your Business Process:

Visual workflow designer and automation tools are exceptionally intuitive

Create unlimited workflows using business rules, user actions, system actions and workflow logic

Guide end users using interactive action items, tasks, notifications, approvals and more

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Contract Workflow Automation
contract collaboration

Frictionless Collaboration & Negotiation

Contract Logix is a revolutionary way to negotiate contracts in real-time with speed, ease-of-use, and complete visibility. It’s secure and simple for ALL parties to review, comment, edit, and approve contracts simultaneously from any device.

Transform the way you collaborate and negotiate:

You’ll never again need to send contracts for review via email. It’s an experience everyone will love.

Automatically capture internal and third party edits, redlines, and comments throughout the negotiation with a complete history – all in ONE place

Fast-track internal and third-party approvals for buy-side and sell-side agreements

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Integrate with Your Business Systems

The integrity of data across your business is critical. That’s why Contract Logix easily integrates with your existing business applications via our API such as ERP, CRM and ITSM just to name a few.

You’ll ensure a single source of truth for all your data and deliver increased productivity, accuracy and business intelligence.

Flexible REST API lets you bi-directionally send, receive, and sync your data between applications

Receive vendor management updates from your ERP system, send customer information from your CRM, sync financial obligations to your accounting software, aggregate all your reporting, and more

Support for common business use cases and also fully customizable for your specific business needs

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Easy Contract Management Platform
Data Centric Contract Processing

Data Centric Contracting

Contract Logix’ Premium CLM Platform is a data-driven contract engine, designed to handle the most complex of business or language rules. By incorporating data logic into every facet of the platform, businesses can leverage rules-based automation at every turn. Dynamically enforce language or workflow approval thresholds and even use your org structure and roles for dynamically assigning reviews and approvals. Monitor processing metrics to make more informed business decisions or to improve your process.

Processing Metrics Defined:

Data-driven workflow automation and dynamic contract templates

Dynamic assigned of steps using org hierarchy, roles, departments, owners and more

Track and monitor your business processes with processing metrics

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Features & Benefits

An end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform to automate your entire contract process. Built with all Express CMS functionality, Premium CLM further enhances your workflow by incorporating pre-execution contract management.

Request & Intake

Use intuitive intake forms for internal and external parties to request or submit contracts for review and approval via defined workflows and business rules.

Submitter Licensing

Utilize submitter licensing to show a trimmed-down user interface to minimize training needs – all while decreasing the licensing costs for centralizing your requests.

Clause & Template Libraries

Empower non-legal staff to generate contracts using pre-approved clause language and contract templates.

Visual Workflow Designer

Create and design unlimited processes using an intuitive, drag and drop workflow designer. Incorporate user actions, system actions and workflow logic.

Dynamic Workflow Assignment

Assign workflow steps to users, departments, roles, owners and more using dynamic assigned by and assign to’s.

Approve, Reject or Decline Requests

Quickly review and administer inbound contract requests by approving, rejecting or declining them.

Creation & Authoring

Easily create contracts using data from system records, business rules, and clause and template libraries. Content is automatically sequenced, styled and formatted.

Conditional Language Rules

Leverage conditional and alternative clauses to replace standard clauses during negotiations without needing to compose language from scratch.

Automation Rules

Use business rules and conditions to ensure compliance of requests, reviews, approvals, and post-execution activities.

Workflow Processing Metrics

Track and report on your complete workflow stage and status processing metrics to quickly locate process bottlenecks.

…Plus ALL the benefits of Contract Logix’ Express CMS Platform.

Modern User Experience

Easy and intuitive, the software’s user interface keeps it simple for users to adopt, configure, and administer the software. Little to no training is required to start gaining value immediately.

Progress Tracking & Watch Lists

Users can easily track the progress of contracts using progress bars and visual cues or add them to their personal watch list for constant monitoring.

Proactive Alerts & Reminders

Create reminders or use alert rules to proactively receive email and in-system alerts for key dates and tasks. Don’t miss obligations or important dates.

Homepage & Action Titles

Stay apprised of everything going on in your system using the homepage or quickly access features using Action Tiles.

Language & Criteria Search

Quickly search any information in the system using filters, data criteria or full-text language-based search tools to locate any contract without the need for keyword tagging.

Document Management

Complete document management with previewing, editing, redlining and collaboration features. Use document routing for check-out/in or sharing documents.

Audit, History & Version Tracking

Comprehensive audit for all records altered in the system with automatic history and version tracking. Quickly access the latest versions of records and documents.

Contract Binders & Versions

Capture and track amendments, renewals, terminations and other contract modifications using contract binders. Automatic amendment versioning.

Full, Read Only & Submitter Users

Assign full or read-only access rights to users controlling system access from user license types. Pay for what the user needs.

Administration Tools

System settings and administration tools for setup, configuration and maintenance of the system. Easy to set-up for immediate value.

Secure Central Repository

Securely store and manage all of your contract data and documents in one central repository. Quickly design and access your information with complete visibility.

Tasks, Task Lists & Calendar

Keep track of every action item or to do in your system and stay alerted of upcoming due dates and commitments with Task Lists and Calendar.

Role-Based Security & Multi-Factor Authentication

Control access to your system information using multi-factor authentication (MFA), robust, role-based security and feature-access permissions throughout the system.

Standard & Custom Reports

Design, create and run standard and custom reports for any data stored within the system. Conveniently save reports from any grid in the system.

Dashboards & Metrics

View performance dashboards to quickly review and analyze the performance in your system.

Document OCR

Uploaded images and image-based pdf’s or files are automatically OCR’ed and indexed so their content can be quickly searched from anywhere in the system.

Electronic Signatures

Send documents for electronic signature and automate the routing and receiving of the final executed agreements. Automatic e-sign tracking and reminders.

Master-Sub Relationships

Track and view related records using parent-child relationships though-out the system. Easily view related contract addendums and SOW’s.

Built-in Help & Support

Conveniently search help topics directly within the software to learn how to use the software or use the built-in get support options.

Hosted in the Cloud

Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud for complete security and accessibility. 99.9% uptime with fast, reliable performance from anywhere.

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