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Fast Onboarding

Hit the Ground Running with Fast Software Onboarding

Our easy-to-use, intuitive, and intelligent platform makes your contract management onboarding easy. You’ll quickly learn how to configure, adopt, and get value from your new contract management system. We’ll get you and your team using the software fast.

Our Customer Success Managers will teach your system admin and users how to configure the software to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Are you currently tracking and managing your contracts with spreadsheets? No worries, we’ll show you how to migrate all your existing contracts and associated documents into your new contract management software.

Depending on which solution you’ve selected, we’ll help train you how to:

Add end-users, roles, and permissions to ensure secure yet adequate access

Define organization, contact, contract, and document types

Create and configure screens, fields, and drop-down menus to meet your requirements

Compose email templates to be used for notifications

Build alert rules for important reminders such as renewal dates, term deadlines, and other contract obligations

Populate clause and template libraries with your preapproved language

Configure and automate workflows for contract authoring, redlining, and approval

Build online intake forms to request and submit contracts

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