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Contract Collaboration

Fast & Frictionless Negotiations and Signatures

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The Future of Contract Collaboration is Here.

Contract Logix’s Collaboration Room is a revolutionary way to negotiate contracts in real-time with speed, ease-of-use, and complete visibility. It’s secure and simple for internal and third parties to review, comment, edit, approve, and e-sign contracts simultaneously from anywhere on any device.

With the click of a mouse, you simply create a Collaboration Room, invite Collaborators to begin the negotiation, handle approvals, and then sign electronically when done — all from the Collaboration Room!

The next step in Contract Collaboration
Frictionless Contract Negotiation.

Frictionless Contract Negotiation.

With Collaboration Room, you’ll never again need to send contracts for review via email. It’s an experience everyone will love. All parties can publicly or privately send messages, comment, mark-up, and approve contracts in REAL-TIME or in parallel. And it’s easy for everyone to stay in the loop with automatic notifications. 

  • Have a 3rd party PDF you need to mark-up? No problem, you can easily convert PDFs to Word docs and vice versa.  
  • Need to include another colleague or counterparty in the review? Simply add them as a Collaborator or Reviewer.  
  • No more attaching contracts to emails, sending them to the recipient, and waiting for a response. Everything is done directly in Contract Logix. 

Accurate & Effortless Version Control.

Collaboration Room automatically captures internal and third-party edits, redlines, and comments throughout the negotiation process with a complete history and audit trail – all in ONE place. You can rest assured you are ALWAYS working on the latest version with everyone’s changes.

It’s an unbelievably intuitive user experience – making contract negotiation and version tracking fast, accurate, and effortless.

Accurate & Effortless Version Control.
Contract Approvals & Signatures Fast-Tracked.

Contract Approvals & Signatures Fast-Tracked.

Collaboration Room streamlines and accelerates contract approvals and signatures – both internally and with external parties. After everyone’s edits are complete, each Collaborator can approve and electronically sign an agreement with a single click.

From there, the contract is automatically saved in Contract Logix as the latest version, and all parties are notified it’s approved. Approving your buy-side and sell-side contracts has never been faster or more efficient.

“Contract Logix has allowed our legal team to seamlessly switch to remote work and helped us coordinate, communicate, and collaborate efficiently and effectively. We believe it is just as important to work smart as to work hard and Contract Logix allowed us to keep doing that.”

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Wendy Mullins, General Counsel for The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC

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