Show Your Contracts Some Love this Valentine’s Day

By Karen Howe

It’s almost Valentine’s Day.

Did you just start to panic because you a) neglected to get your sweetheart a gift or b) forgot to make dinner reservations at that popular restaurant? You’re probably not alone. Forgetting important dates is a sign of our busy and stressful times.

And while disappointing a loved one could mean trouble at home, missing an important contract date might mean big trouble for your organization, in the form of higher costs or lost revenues.

So why not show those contracts a little love? With Contract management software from Contract Logix, your contracts are securely stored and easily accessible in a contract repository, plus you can set alerts to have the system remind you when a key date is approaching or let you know when it’s passed. It’s just one of the many benefits of having a data-driven approach to your contract lifecycle management.


Alerts and Alert Rules

Our contract management software easily handles one-off alerts for single contracts having unique requirements. You decide when, how often, and to whom the notification should go. The options for recipients are flexible – you can send notices to a specified user or email address, or make it more dynamic by selecting a department, a role, or a contact type and let the system handle it from there.

Even more powerful are alert rules. Defined at the system level instead of on a contract-by-contract basis, they are designed to handle the vast majority of notifications.  You can set different rules for different contract types, based on whatever criteria you want. Alert rules only need to be set once and are then automatically applied to all new and existing contracts, saving users time and reducing the risk that someone will forget to set the alert in the first place.

And not forgetting is what it’s all about, isn’t it?


As people, we are busy and distracted and we forget things. The risks of forgetting, at home and at work, are real. With contracts, missing an important deadline could mean years of higher fees, missed opportunities to increase revenue, or failure to meet compliance regulations.

So, let your contract management system worry about your contract dates.  Your personal dates – well, that’s on you. Happy Valentine’s Day! Want to learn more? Schedule a complimentary 1:1 demo of our solution.