A Proven Approach for Immediate & Long-Term CLM Success

By Jim Averill, VP of Customer Success

At Contract Logix, we embrace a customer success model to ensure our customers receive the best possible experience with our company, our people, and our solutions. The foundation of our customer success model is centered on building long-term relationships and establishing a regular cadence of interaction with our customers. Our goal is to be a trusted contract lifecycle management advisor to your business to help ensure your CLM success.

We take a different approach from many other vendors when selling software.

Other vendors need to sell hourly or engagement-based services due to the complexity of their software.

  • They require expensive developers to customize the software to your needs – during start-up and as your use cases evolve over time.

Business users of Contract Logix software can easily use and tailor it to their initial and ongoing needs.

  • Drag-and-drop software configurability and flexibility which means you don’t need to rely on IT resources to administer it.
  • No need to purchase costly and complicated implementation services to tailor the product to your requirements. (although the software does support that type of implementation model if your business requires it.)

With our customer success model, customers can immediately begin using our contract management software and start extracting immediate and long-term value from it to positively impact their CLM success.

Some highlights of our customer success model include:

  • Every customer is assigned an experienced Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help assess business processes and provide training and best practices
  • Quick onboarding of new customers by helping you and your team learn and setup the software for your needs and use cases
  • Startup and continuing training resources on our products and best practices
  • High quality of ongoing service and technical support over the life of our relationship



Every customer is assigned and has direct phone and email access to a Customer Success Manager (CSM).

The goal of our team of experienced CSMs is to first understand your business goals with our software. From there, they outline a plan to help you and your team configure the software to meet your business needs so that you quickly begin getting value from it.

In addition, they are available to answer any product-related questions from simple to complex. Your CSM will ensure your team learns how to onboard, administer, and use your new contract management system. They will show you how to add users, define roles and permissions, and conduct other administrative-related activities with the software.


Our Express and Premium products are easy to configure and use. The Customer Success Team is available to guide you through the simple set-up and onboarding process of adding fields, contract types, reports, and more – to match your organization’s specific needs, naming conventions, and business processes.

  • Kick-off meeting and regular meeting cadence to ensure the product is addressing your contract management needs
  • Live and assistance with system administration and end-user training –
  • User-friendly import tools for the addition of any contract data and documents you want to put in the contract management system


We understand how important quality training is to successful adoption and use of our contract management products. We truly believe that the best way to ensure success is to learn by doing. That’s why we offer a comprehensive set of contract management software training options. Our training is designed to instill confidence and self-sufficiency within your organization.

Our Customer Success Team is here to advise you and help you engage with the various training resources we offer.

  • A growing library of training videos to let users learn at their own pace
  • User Guides that provide a step-by-step approach to learning, with links to the videos, hands-on exercises and practical tips
  • An extensive “Help” section within the software itself
  • Live, online planning and Q&A sessions with your Customer Success Manager
  • Training paths for administrators, power users, and end-users
  • A curriculum that leverages our legacy of contract management expertise


Your CSM will continue to be your main point of contact after your onboarding is complete. Our goal is to provide you a superior customer experience by delivering best-in-class software, customer service, and technical support. As new use cases emerge or existing ones evolve in your business, your CSM is there to guide and train you on best practices.

  • Your CSM is available during normal business hours via phone and email to answer on-going product-related questions, teach best practices, and hear your product feedback
  • 100% U.S.-based technical support available via phone and email is included
  • Continuing support of a maturity model.  When you want to adopt new business processes, the CSM is there to consult with your team to ensure end user adoption with proven strategies


The onboarding, training, and ongoing customer success & support at Contract Logix is a proven model designed to get you and your organization up and running quickly for immediate and long-term CLM success. Our team is here to help ensure high user adoption of our solution and a quick return on your investment. Our experienced CSMs are here to serve as a trusted advisor throughout your entire relationship with Contract Logix.

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