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Contract Request & Intake Process

Contract Request & Intake Process

Stop using unsecure and incomplete email, voicemail and verbal communications to make contract requests or to submit 3rd party contracts for review! With Contract Logix, you can empower anyone to quickly and accurately submit an existing 3rd party contract, request the creation of a standard contract, or even instantly create a contract themselves using simple-to-use web forms – accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Minimal training is required and even users who do not have full system access, can use the form-driven feature that leverages your pre-defined contract types, data fields, business rules, and workflows. It will prompt end-users to provide all the necessary information to produce a complete contract that meets all your organization’s legal and accuracy standards. Reduce duplicate data entry and the need to chase down missing data using request approvals, rejection or request info and decline options.

And creating the request forms themselves is almost as easy as filling them out and requesting them. Just drag and drop the fields you want included on the web form, pick the workflow you’d like the request to follow, and make the contract request and intake available to everyone in your business.

Contract Logix will empower your Business Lines to initiate contract requests.

Centralize contract intake and request for contracts to quickly empower your entire business and speed up this common bottleneck in your CLM process

Design an unlimited number of use-case driven web forms to capture requests for new contracts, submit 3rd party contracts for legal review or general submission forms for question enablement

Easy-to-use and intuitive, end users will quickly follow your business rules - without even realizing it. Follow predetermined workflows or create dynamic rules

Drive awareness. Submitter's can quickly track and monitor the stage and status of the request and will be automatically informed - throughout every step of the process

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Contract Request and Intake Process

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Data-Driven Contract Request & Intake Management

Contract Request and Intake CLM

Real-time request and submission tracking showing stage and status tracking, need by dates and processing metrics

Manage request administration using inbound request grid for viewing, validating and processing inbound submissions

Drill into request data to drive approvals or review requirements automatically

Perform analysis or generate reports on requests to improve and speed up processing metrics

Use criteria or language to sort and search requests at any time

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