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Contract Creation & Drafting (Authoring)

Contract Creation & Authoring Process

Increase your speed and legal compliance by creating negotiation-ready contracts using centralized, pre-approved clause and template libraries. Contract creation lets you stop overwhelming your legal department with incorrect language or formatting in document drafts. No more cutting and pasting from a previous contract that may not contain the most up-to-date and legally-compliant language by leveraging document templates. Better yet, Contract Logix will automatically merge all of your key data points such as party names and addresses or expiration dates, renewals and more. This reduces the effort, while dramatically speeding up the process of generating contract documents in Word formats.

By leveraging the pre-approved contract clause and template libraries built especially for your business, even everyday non-legal users to can create legally-compliant contracts and other documents quickly and accurately. It’s particularly useful for your frequently-used contract types and letters and for managing the application of business rules around which clauses to employ under which circumstances. You can even manage the business rules around allowing the usage of standard vs. non-standard language throughout the negotiation and contract creation process.

Contract Logix centralizes Clause and Templates to increase compliance during the creation process.

Centralized, legally-approved document and contract creation tools

Automatically include or exclude language based on conditional business rules for compliance

Generate negotiation-ready Word documents ready for collaboration and reviews or signature

Give legal the ability to focus on contracts which represent higher financial or legal risk to adhere to your overall corporate compliance

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Contract Generation and Creation Process

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Data-Driven Contract Creation & Drafting

Data Driven Contract Generation

Reduce the time and effort it takes to create fully compliant documents from minutes to almost instantaneous while actually improving your standardization of terms

Reduce the number of formal legal review requests with peace of mind knowing the business has legal approval before edits and negotiation begins

Automatically merge all data and party information - including e-sign tags, multi-parties and multi-products and services - to eliminate human error and increase quality metrics

Perform analysis on leveraged contract language or enforce alternative language based on conditions for adherence to risk rules

Bypass workflow steps to move faster when reviews or approvals aren't required

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