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Contract Pre-Execution Value

Contract Pre-Execution Value

Contract Logix enables your organization to engage your customers, vendors and other parties and provide a best-in-class contract pre-execution experience. From initial request or intake, to contract creation and drafting, to negotiation, to reviews and approvals, and final signatures, Contract Logix simplifies the entire pre-execution lifecycle. Start realizing revenue faster by streamlining your pre-execution process.

Contract Logix will streamline your entire pre-execution process.

Centralized capture and processing of requests & intake

Pre-approved, legally-compliant contract creation from clause and template libraries

Negotiation and collaboration and document routing tools with full document preview and edit capabilities

Guided workflow-driven final reviews and approvals for any level of thresholds or business rules

Integrated signature tools with automatic routing, signature capture and process hand-offs for expedited pre-execution

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Contract Pre-Execution Process Value

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Data-Driven Contract Pre-Execution

Complete Contract Pre-Execution

Capture detailed processing metrics from request through execution ensures best-in-class reporting for processing improvement

Standard and alternative contract language based on conditions and business rules for maximum flexibility and speed of creation

Tracking of important redlines, document versions throughout collaboration and negotiations

Decrease the time required for contract submissions and requests through signature to speed up revenue realization

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