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Contract Execution & Finalization

Contract Execution & Finalization Process

Once the contract has been executed by all parties, this doesn’t mean the work is done. In fact – it’s quite the opposite. Contracts must be finalized and made available to your business line(s) to ensure all obligations and commitments are met. Contract Logix automates these steps and provides flexible features for your business to take advantage of.

Leverage contract options to lock the final agreement and memorialize it, prior to making it available to your widespread business. This formalizes the process, but makes it evident that the contract has been finalized. Once finalized, the contract is ready to be made public to your business line audience so they can take action. Whether you need to be prepared for fulfillment or have payments to make – Contract Logix enables your organization throughout this process.

Contract Logix will empowers your post-execution contract process.

Trigger post-execution action and visibility by formally finalizing and locking the signed agreement

Better prepare your business lines for fulfillment, payments, delivery schedules and other milestones or obligations

Send out notices, trigger post-processing workflows, capture required supporting documentation and start the contractual relationship off on the right 'track'

System automatically starts monitoring the contracts key dates and other important requirements so you remain focused on delivering

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Post-Execution Finalization

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Data-Driven Contract Execution & Finalization Process

Post-Execution Finalization Hand Off

Start post-execution contract monitoring and processing metrics to stay ahead of all contractual commitments

Signal internal stakeholders to take action based on detailed information so every obligation can be met on time

Report on the contracts key information using dashboards and standard or custom reporting

Start capturing metrics and on-going notation throughout the life of the contract

Contract records are binders so you always have a consistent, holistic view of the agreed upon terms, on-going tasks and requirements with binder-to-amendment versioning throughout

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