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Contract Execution & Signatures Process

Contract Signatures & Execution Process

Once your contracts are negotiated and finalized, Contract Logix makes it easy to sign and execute them. With an integrated set of tools for sending documents out for wet or electronic signatures, the solution provides complete visibility and tracking. During this phase of contract pre-execution, time is critical. Detailed audits give you insights to quickly improve any procedures but more importantly – ensure signatories are alerted and reminded via email so the contracts actually get signed. Conveniently send, cancel, forward and capture signatures with ease.

Once signed, contracts are automatically routed to all parties and to the Contract Logix system, so they are ready for post-execution management. Save time and expedite closure for all contracts to realize instant revenue gains for your business.

Contract Logix simplifies contract signatures and execution in your CLM process.

Prepare and send contracts for wet and electronic signatures using an easy-to-use design

Track electronic signatures and automatically remind signers to complete the execution of the agreement

Detailed auditing and capture ensures you have every detail available with every i dotted and t crossed

Automatic routing of final signed documents to all parties and to the system

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Signatures and Execution of Contracts

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Data-Driven Contract Signatures & Execution

Data Driven Contract Execution and Signatures

Drastically decreases the average number of days for execution of agreements and helps you realize revenue much faster

Automatic routing and tracking for signer reminders providing better processing metrics for pre-execution

Automatic 'hand-off' from pre-execution to post-execution processes within the system saves time and valuable resources

Capture full signature status and audit information for holistic reporting and process improvement

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