Contract Reporting & Auditing Process - Contract Logix
Contract Reporting & Auditing Process

Contract Reporting & Auditing Process

Throughout the life of your contract, Contract Logix provides comprehensive reporting and analysis tools. This includes robust auditing capabilities for every single action anyone ever takes in the system – including the addition of new records, editing of existing records and data, manipulation of documents and any workflows or other systematic automation. 

Reporting and auditing prepares you for complete visibility of contracts, compliance, risk and other details – no matter where the information is within your contract repository. Create reports for just about anything you can dream up or use the standard reports included out-of-the-box with the system. Reports are actionable. Contract Logix makes every report “live” so even as you’re viewing you can immediately take action and directly navigate to the statistical source of data. That’s powerful and makes all the difference for your day-to-day end users. Better yet, it takes the guesswork out of the equation for casual users.

Contract Logix enhances reporting and auditing for your contract process.

Automatic auditing of every detail in the system such as new records, updates, archival of records, changes to stages, status or any data

Leverage standard out-of-the-box reports or create custom reports for just about any need

Learn not just about contract data but quickly gain knowledge on your processing metrics for workflow and any process included in the system

Whether you looking at the homepage or viewing the dashboards, the system is continually in real-time providing you extensive information that's actionable

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Contract Auditing and Reporting

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Data-Driven Contract Reporting & Auditing

Contract Reporting & Auditing

Create and save unlimited reports or quickly share report information with anyone

Conveniently create custom reports which don't take a programming degree to figure out. End users can quickly create and export reports from the system

Drag and drop to group results, add and remove columns or data points, filter, sort and search any type of record - then save to report. It's that easy

Show multi-level relationships in reports so users get the right view of the information and how it's related

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