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Contract Collaboration & Redlining Process

Contract Collaboration & Redlining Process

Streamline your negotiation and contract markup process using a comprehensive set of collaboration and document management tools. Perform document previewing and document editing with track changes and redlining abilities, automatic version control and more. From its collaborative co-authoring capabilities, to its auto-save and version control features, to its ability to pull in alternative contract clauses for the contracts you create, it makes what can be a very challenging part of your process MUCH easier.

The negotiation process is critical to powering through the barriers between negotiation of key terms and optimization and the overall speed of the business process. Contract Logix transforms this by incorporating all the required functionality but couples this with ease-of use. Simply put – you’ll be able to review documents with internal comments and chats and then send them off via check-out, share or send for e-signature options to drastically improve communication. When 3rd party’s enter the discussion, they can redline as they typically would in Word or similar and you can simply check the document back in to see their changes.

Contract Logix simplifies effective communication and negotiation during your contract negotiation process.

Full-featured internal document collaboration and editing tools so your business can comment and mark-up in real-time as discussions occur

Automatically track document revisions with version control and view any prior version throughout the history of negotiation

Easy to use check out, document sharing and send for signature options makes these steps fast and visible

Integrated electronic signature options allow for lightning-fast communication so you can negotiate and tackle the next steps based on the outcome

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Contract Negotiation Process

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Data-Driven Contract Collaboration & Negotiation

Data Driven Contract Collaboration

Capture and view document redlines and mark-up and internal 'chats' so only your team can see certain comments - but 3rd parties see standard comments as appropriate

Document version control is automatic and visible allowing you to review the negotiation process with an eye for improvements

The system automatically captures detailed document history so you're always aware of who has which task or step in the process - including 3rd parties

Track all correspondence and processing time for evaluation and future improvements. Learn what language creates the most time-absorption during your negotiations

Track document stages and statuses throughout the process so you can measure your time and success and develop reports

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