Contract Negotiation and Getting Signatures Fast

Collaboration Room is a highly efficient method to get contracts reviewed and signed at the same time while automatically ensuring version control. It helps capture signatures faster by reducing friction and ensuring the negotiation and signature process is easy for everyone involved.

For all these reasons we built our solution.

The negotiation phase of any contract can create a lot of friction and cause unnecessary delays in the overall contracting process. Unfortunately, many organizations still use email to attach agreements and send them back forth internally and with third parties collaborate and negotiate. This is an inefficient approach for everyone involved, especially the person managing the contract process. And what about agreements that you want to get signed fast? What’s the best approach to handling those with a third party?

With Contract Logix, executing contracts is a fast and frictionless process using our Collaboration Room technology.  Collaboration Room is a powerful tool that lets you invite internal and third-party collaborators and reviewers to concurrently edit and comment on agreements as well as electronically sign them without ever leaving the contract management software. All changes and comments associated with a contract are automatically captured making version control and audit trails easy to manage. It’s a modern, intuitive, and positive user experience for everyone involved in the contract negotiation.

While there are many use cases and benefits for Collaboration Room, this video examines a common e-signature example — getting a contract signed quickly and efficiently.

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