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The Value of Contract Lifecycle Management.

Simply put – Contract Logix delivers exceptional value to our customers through innovative contract software and services.

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CLM Value By the Numbers

Supporting Data, By the Numbers.

The IACCM estimates the cost of inefficient contract management to be more than 9% of total annual revenue.

Source: The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management

Goldman Sachs estimated that companies spend almost 5% of their revenue to track agreements after signing a contract.

Source: Goldman Sachs

Pricewaterhouse Coopers has found that 12% of a company’s total annual costs may be devoted to contract management and administrative tasks.

Source: Pricewaterhouse Cooper

Goldman Sachs reports that companies using contract management software can reduce annual contract management expenses by 20 to 50 percent.

Source: Goldman Sachs

Best-in-Class companies have more than 75% of their contracts in a searchable repository, compared to All Others who have about one third.

Source: Aberdeen Group, “Best-in-Class Performance in Contract Management”

Best-in-Class companies average 85% of purchasing transactions compliant with contracts vs. 30% for all others.

Source: Aberdeen Group: “Contract Management: Key Attributes and Best-in –Class Results”

Best-in-Class companies have 19% fewer days in their average cycle time to create, negotiate, and approve contracts compared to All Others.

Source: Aberdeen Group, “Leveraging E-Signature in Your Contracts: Best-in-Class Advantage”

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