Establishing ROI For Contract Management
Establishing ROI

Establishing the ROI of CLM

You’re probably expecting to see a Return On Investment (ROI) calculator here.

ROI calculators make simple assumptions about a hypothetical environment. At Contract Logix we’ve learned over our long tenure working with hundreds of customer organizations that you can’t rely on skewed, leading “data” that probably has little relevance to your business. ALL businesses are truly unique and need to account for specific objectives, as well as their own contracting infrastructure to establish their ROI.

Our customers recognize their return on investment through gains in efficiency across the entire business as well as within individual departments that are involved in the contracting process. They also do so by reducing the risk associated with decentralized and insecure storage and access to their contracts, failure to comply with terms of their contracts, and missing deadlines associated with contracts. Just a few of the factors to consider within your own organization include:

We deliver CLM ROI

The number of people within and outside your company that touch your contracts.

The number of hours spent weekly, monthly an annually managing contracts.

Potential efficiencies gained in better managing those contracts.

The total number of contracts that exist at any given time.

The average value, and total value, of those contract types.

Potential risk of being in breach of any of those contracts.

The number of places contracts are stored.

The level of security that exists to prevent unauthorized access.

The potential impact of unauthorized access to your sensitive contract data.

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Below you will find a few additional insights that highlight important key areas where return on investment and overall value can be achieved.

12% of a company’s total annual costs may be devoted to contract management and administrative tasks.

Source: Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Insights Regarding ROI


Investing in a contract management solution allows your staff to focus on contract relationships, not records. Contract managers can put the contract at the center of every decision and deliver personalized notifications for every key obligation.


Investing in a contract management solution empowers you to manage both “buy-side” and “sell-side” contracts, not one or the other. Today, both your vendors and your customers expect easy access to in-depth contract information.


Investing in a contract management solution provides enhanced visibility into every contract. Whether it’s finding a contract, a specific clause, a supporting document, or staying up to date on key terms, you can do so throughout your entire process.


Investing in a contract management solution enables you to build seamless contract processes built on inter-departmental communication. It helps keep everyone on the same page by tracking progress and providing useful information.

Best-in-Class companies have 19% fewer days in their average cycle time to create, negotiate, and approve contracts compared to All Others.

Source: Aberdeen Group, “Leveraging E-Signature in Your Contracts: Best-in-Class Advantage”

What is the value of CLM for your organization?


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