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“Mapping and importing contract data is satisfying to the point of being fun. That satisfaction comes across in our customers reaction to completing the process and immediately seeing all of their data available on the screen in an organized, searchable format.”

— Doug Hemlepp, Customer Success Manager, Contract Logix

Migrating Your Data Into Your System.

In our 12+ years of working with hundreds of customers, we’ve learned that the most laborious part of working with a new contract management system is populating it with all the contract data you’ve generated over the years.  We also recognize that getting this data into your new system is critically important, because a contract management system with no contact data has no value for your organization.

If you already have some of your contract data and supporting documents in electronic form, you’ll be able to easily to capitalize on that by importing them into your newly-configured Contract Logix system and near instantaneously have a system filled with your data. Our Customer Success Team will show you the simple process of downloading our Excel import template, mapping your data and documents into it, and then performing the import.

You’ll then be able to manage your contracts from a secure, organized, contract repository. You’ll even be able to search and find text within the documents you imported, that were automatically scanned when they were imported.

Import contracts, contacts, organizations, and related documents.

Include all your custom fields and contract types.

Driven by easily downloadable Excel template.

Simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Attach documents such as PDFs or Office files to your records.

Automatically OCR scan and index files for easy searchability.

Quickly and easily populate the system with your legacy data.

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Data Migration Services for Contract Management

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