How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level

By Jason Hartman
Author | Speaker | Financial Guru | Podcast Rockstar

As part of our series about “How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Parks, Director of Product Marketing at Contract Logix.

Digital contract transformation helps originations improve the process and performance of their contracts. In this interview, Dave Parks and Jason Hartman discussed the topics of key performance indicators (KPIs), and the power and importance of contract data — data that help companies set benchmarks and track performance against them.

Which companies can most benefit from a Digital Transformation?

In my opinion, all companies and departments can benefit from digital transformation. It all comes down to data. Companies that truly understand the importance of their data are the ones that will benefit most. But it’s not just about knowing data is important, it’s about being able to leverage it in a meaningful and intelligent way so that you can use it to make accurate and timely decisions about your business — those are the companies that are really leading digital transformation. The ones that recognize it’s a journey and that data is lighting the path forward.

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