Contract Logix Announces Powerful New Contract Data Management, Tracking, and Analytics Functionality

Latest Enhancements Deliver Increased Flexibility, Visibility, and Drag-and-Drop Control for True Data-Driven Contract Management

Lowell, MA – October 23, 2019 – Contract Logix, a leading provider of intelligent contract management software, today announced the addition of new data management and intelligence functionality to its Premium™ and Express™ platform. The new capabilities enhance an already robust data management suite by giving customers the flexibility to truly customize how they capture, track, display, and manage contract data to match their business and individual needs.

Highlights of the new release include:

  • Enhancements to the configuration tool to allow users to completely adapt and customize records such as contracts, contacts, etc. to align with their organization’s use cases and business requirements
  • New contract line item creation and tracking capability for buy-side and sell-side contracts
  • Extended the integration of industry-leading electronic signature provider DocuSign to the Premium and Express platform

Contracts contain a wealth of extremely valuable and insightful data such as dates, terms, organizations, contacts, and related documents. With its latest release, Contract Logix has revolutionized the ability to leverage this data by providing full adaptability and control over how all contract-related information is visualized, curated, and reported through easy-to-use drag and drop fields that can be tailored to any contract management use case or departmental need. This new and innovative functionality is simple and intuitive for customers to configure without the need for complex and costly implementation services.

“We believe that data is our customers’ most valuable contract management asset,” said Tim Donaghy, CTO of Contract Logix. “Therefore, it’s critical that our technology lets customers quickly and easily transform that data into actionable and valuable business insights they can use to improve processes, uncover opportunities, and mitigate hidden contract risks. The new functionality we’ve just launched further strengthens our unique position to deliver on those promises.”

In addition, the recent enhancements provide the ability to easily create and track contract line items for buy-side and sell-side agreements. The new feature gives customers tremendous visibility into their contracts and streamlines the entire contract line item tracking process. Contract Logix users can simply add custom data fields within the platform that allow them to capture and monitor the details of exactly what they are buying, selling, or specifying in their contracts such as products, services, providers, payers, approved contractors, payment terms, delivery schedules, insurance requirements, etc.

Contract Logix has also announced that it has extended the integration of industry-leading electronic signature provider DocuSign to its Express and Premium platform. In today’s digital age, the use of electronic signatures to execute agreements is a critical component to improving the security, mobility, and overall user experience of any contract management process. Electronic signature technology helps organizations reduce risk by capturing an electronic signature verification and legally binding audit trail.

About Contract Logix

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