Could You Use Some Help with Contract Management?

Contract Logix and customer ClickPointCare are featured in “In-House” magazine.

General Counsel Richard Guttman describes the challenges that lead ClickPointCare to select Contract Logix as its partner in Contract Lifecycle Management.

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“It gave us the ability to expand our usage over time,” Guttman says, explaining why Contract Logix was the chosen platform. “We could start by scanning agreements and capturing some preliminary data and get into more sophisticated usage later, like e-signatures and complex workflow support.”

Contract Logix delivers value to customers with a comprehensive solution for managing contracts.

  • Realize near-immediate return on investment.
  • Maximize the value of every single contract.
  • Never miss another deadline, expiration, or renewal date.
  • Selected by hundreds of customers in more than 50 different industries.
  • Get the most out of contracts by leveraging 18+ years of experience in the CLM software marketplace.
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