Contract Logix Announces Partnership with Sertifi Electronic Signatures

Chelmsford, MA – Contract Logix – a long-time developer of contract lifecycle management (CLM) software solutions – announced today a partnership with Sertifi Electronic Signatures. Together, Contract Logix and Sertifi will deliver more efficiency throughout the contract management process than ever before. By integrating Sertifi’s e-Signature capability within the Contract Logix system, users are able to lower their operating costs, improve customer relationships, and shorten their sales cycles.

Sertifi’s industry-leading technology is embedded in the Contract Logix system, making it easy to automate the contract approval process from start to finish. Customers are able to then send, sign, and track each agreement in the Contract Logix system so Sertifi can authenticate the sender and signer, shortening the approvals process from days, or even weeks, to seconds.

“Our partnership with Sertifi has helped our customers cut costs while maximizing revenue,” said Robert Desrochers, President at Contract Logix. “We have truly been able to provide customers with a complete on-demand e-Signature solution for automating the contract approval process through its entire lifecycle.”

By leveraging Sertifi e-Signature technology, Contract Logix customers can:

  • Improve their teams’ productivity by automating administrative pieces of the contract process, allowing them to dedicate even more time to other important tasks
  • Reduce time and costs associated with their contracts approval process
  • Develop better customer relationships by providing more flexibility and faster results
  • Recognize revenue in far less time than with a paper-based contract management process

“By partnering with Contract Logix, we have helped users improve customer retention by closing contracts faster and slashing operating costs by significantly reducing the need to print and store paper agreements,” said John Stojka, co-founder of Sertifi.

About Sertifi.

Sertifi is the leading closing solution for accelerating the “last mile” of the sales process. Sertifi offers the fastest & most secure way to collect signed agreements & customer payments. Learn more about Serfiti by visiting their website at

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