Best Practices for Transportation and Logistics Contract Security

By Timothy Donaghy, CTO
Transport Topics Magazine, June 3, 2019

John is freaking out. Last night, a disgruntled employee hacked into the company’s top-tier contracts and quickly caused a firestorm online. The CEO wants to know how this happened.

Contract security breaches like this can result in severe and high-profile consequences for a business, especially in today’s hyper-connected world. In this scenario, just imagine the potential legal, financial and brand liability problems John’s company is facing.

Transportation and logistics businesses face similar risk. All too often, their contracts are scattered in file cabinets, on individuals’ hard drives or in shared folders — all exposing the business to significant risk.

Given the stakes for a business, contract security should always be a top priority. Read more to learn about six best practices fleets can implement to increase transportation and logistics contract security.

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