Getting to Know a Logician – Lisa Connor

About “Getting to Know a Logician”: This monthly series is about the people who make up Contract Logix – aka Logicians. What is and why are we Logicians? Logix is in our name and our DNA. It means something and is important to us. Logic is the science of reasoning and relationships between ideas. A logician is an expert in or student of logic. They are active in the fields of math and science. Here at Contract Logix we believe data is your most valuable contract management asset and logic is key to transforming it into actionable business intelligence. That’s why we are Logicians!

By Graham Covert

Lisa’s career at Contract Logix began in February of 2013. As Accounting Manager, Lisa is responsible for tracking, monitoring, and evaluating our day-to-day accounting tasks and activities. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business/Management from Bridgewater State University.

A typical workday for Lisa can vary quite a bit but usually includes processing new customer agreements, sending renewal invoices, analyzing revenue and expenses, processing payroll, reviewing monthly financials, and creating reports for CEO Rick Ralston. These tasks are essential in ensuring Contract Logix’s success. Lisa takes great pride in the quality of her work here at Contract Logix as evident in her receiving of the company’s Total Quality Award for 2019!

What does Lisa enjoy most about working at Contract Logix? It’s simple: our people and atmosphere. “Everyone is always willing to help if needed and really care about doing the best they can to help us be successful,” says Lisa.

When speaking of our intelligent contract management software – which she uses regularly in her role – Lisa loves how easy it is to customize each screen to show the data that is relevant to what she is working on at that specific point in time. Her ‘Contracts’ tab within the system is set to show our customer’s renewal and expiration dates along with the customers’ annual % increase so she can easily create invoices for upcoming renewals. “It’s great to have all the data I need in one place”

Traveling is number one on Lisa’s bucket list as she would love to go back to the beautiful island of Aruba and Europe (she’s never been). This is also evident by her willingness and desire to purchase affluent beach-front property if she ever wins the lottery.

Lisa’s family is massive. Between both sides of her family, she has 23 nieces and nephews and 11 great nieces and nephews. It goes without saying that her family parties are always a blast! Lisa loves spending time with her immediate family as well frequently attending her kids’ games, which could be baseball or hockey, depending on the time of year. Enjoying the great outdoors, gardening, and relaxing yard work are a few more of Lisa’s hobbies and interests.

A huge thank you to Lisa Connor for letting us get to know her better both inside and outside of the office!

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