Contract Logix Recognized as a Top Five Best Contract Lifecycle Management Software Vendor

Contract Logix was recently recognized as a top 5 best contract lifecycle management tool on GetApp, an influential Gartner site that ranks business software. GetApp features research, insights, trends, and validated user reviews, giving buyers the tools they need to make informed decisions when exploring software products.

Contract Logix scored an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars according to user reviews to be selected in the best contract lifecycle management category. To gain a top five ranking, products needed to have a rating of 4 or higher, and “offer all of the core features and at least half of the common features of content lifecycle management software.” Core features include contract drafting and document management, and common features include e-signature support, compliance management, contract templates, advanced search capabilities, reports, alerts, version control, and access control. These are all things that our data-driven contract management software makes easy for our customers.

GetApp highlighted Contract Logix’s ability to provide visibility into more than just the terms of the contract, but everything related including obligations, stages, related documents, tasks, alerts, statuses, key dates, and recognition terms. Providing this high level of visibility in contracts, contract data, processes and other important CLM areas is something we feel is mission-critical for our customers. This visibility gives them insights they need to make accurate and actionable decisions about their legal agreements and their business. It also gives them the data necessary to benchmark and track contract KPIs to optimize every facet of their contract management.

Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) were specifically called out as a “unique contract lifecycle management feature.” This, in particular, was great to see because while we think our product’s robust feature set and ease-of-use is really important (and it is), we also believe that our Customer Success model is one of the things that really sets us apart. We pride ourselves in helping our customers get up and running and getting business value from our software very quickly without the need for complicated, costly, and time-consuming implementation services that drag on for months and months. And our CSMs are with our customers for the life of the relationship, providing answers to questions, advice on best practices, and other CLM and product-related help.

Contract Logix is pleased by being recognized as a top 5 best contract lifecycle management solution. We believe that as digital transformation accelerates, more and more organizations are going to turn and trust our data-driven solutions to digitize contracts and contract lifecycle management processes. We are one of the longest-tenured companies in this industry, and we will continue to work with our customers to ensure that we are bringing them the solutions that matter most to their businesses and helping them build contract lifecycle management into their broader digital transformation efforts. If you’d like to speak with one of our specialists or want to see a demo of our software, just click here.