CLM Software Features – A Halloween Grab Bag for Contract Managers

By Karen Howe

It’s almost Halloween so this week we’re bringing you a goody bag of treats from the latest update to Contract Logix with a rundown of a few of our new CLM software features. Choose your favorite flavor!

Generate Contracts, Letters and More

Contract Logix’s CLM software has always offered you the ability to generate contracts, but now you can generate other types of documents (like correspondence letters) associated with organizations, contacts, or requests. This means that if you have a standard letter you typically send to request information from a vendor or a form that needs to be submitted along with a request for a new contract, you can set up a template and generate the document quickly and easily through the system. It’s another one of many great CLM software features that demonstrates the benefit of a single platform to support all your contract management related needs without having to bounce back and forth from other business applications.

Get Alerts on Line Item Dates

Do you have multiple line items tied to contracts; with key dates you need to monitor? For example, say you have a contract with multiple healthcare providers, and want to be alerted for each practitioner’s licensure expiration date.  Or, maybe you will be tracking a series of payments associated with a leasing agreement and want notifications sent out based on estimated or actual payment due dates. Now you can set alerts on those dates.

Simplify the User Interface with Conditional Fields

A field that’s hidden or shown based on a set of rules is known as a Conditional field (it’s visible or not based on some condition). For example, don’t display the Termination Reason field unless the status of the contract is changed to “Terminated”. Conditional fields are popular because they make the user interface easier to navigate by only showing fields that apply to the situation. With the latest update to our Type Manager screen design tool, you can now create layouts that automatically show or hide a field based on the selection a user makes in another field.

Streamline Role and User Access Setup and Maintenance

Sites having multi-level organizational structures and the need to restrict permissions based on department or region now have an easier way to define user roles. Parent Roles (for when you have different users in different organizations with access to the same features) and Relational Roles (for when you have the same users that require the same feature access across different organizations) not only save you from having to create duplicate roles, but modifications to the Parent or Relational Role automatically update all linked roles. Along with these enhancements, Contract Logix has now added support for ADFS and DUO Access Gateway in our supported Single Sign On (SSO) providers. This is in addition to our already robust set of secure CLM software features.

Refinements to Request Process Nomenclature

Recognizing that requests coming in for new contracts may be missing information or proper documentation, Contract Logix has made some terminology changes by adding a “Rejected” status and icon (so requestors can easily find any rejected requests) and a “Resubmit” menu option, so they can submit their requests again. If you aren’t currently using Requests in your contract management process, we encourage you to start doing so because it’s one of our more popular CLM software features especially now that so many people are working remotely.


Our Contract Logix Contract Lifecycle Management solution comes loaded with CLM software features like these that make managing your contracts both easy and secure. If you would like more than just a taste, ring our doorbell (we don’t bite) and ask for a full contract software demonstration.