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Sales Department Contract Management

Sales Department Contract Management

With competition in today’s markets, Sales departments need to be effective and move quickly to capture new sales revenue and accounts. Challenges are numerous, but sales must be able to efficiently initiate and receive contract requests, negotiate with the most accurate, least friction process and make sure agreements are executed as quickly as possible. Other sales factors exist around how the contractual information or hand-offs move throughout the organization as well, further informing business lines of fulfillment, order information, services, payments and delivery.

Contract Logix benefits sales departments by effectively streamlining the sales-to-contract process while managing all business rules – so sales can focus on selling. Information and contracts can move quickly, but freely ensuring no bottlenecks in the process – and better yet – generated contracts will be legally compliant from the start. Contract Logix will help drive performance and increase revenue for sales departments. Tracking and managing accounts will also be more proactive with the system automatically managing all dates such as renewals or expirations.

Comprehensive, Contract Logix offers numerous functionality for sales departments to be successful. From contract request and intake to complete document collaboration and negotiation tools to automation – Contract Logix will help address your sales requirements.

Contract Logix will enable your Sales Department CLM process.

Flexible design makes sure you can meet your toughest process and CLM workflow

Dynamic features help drive your business workflow using data and business processing rules

Customer Success Model incorporates a best-practices approach to your organizations process

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Sales Department Contract Management

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