Contract Logix Bolsters Contract Data Security with Key Compliance Partnership

Contract Logix & Compass IT Compliance Partner to Ensure Highest Contract Data Security Standards

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Lowell, MA – Contract Logix – a long-time developer of contract lifecycle management (CLM) software solutions – announced today the retention of a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to bolster its position at the forefront of security standards for contract management.  Compass IT Compliance will act as QSA assisting in the documentation and enforcement of policies relating to the handling of confidential data.

Contract management software providers are entrusted with housing and managing their customers most important and sensitive data – that which is found at the heart of the business agreements that exist between them and their suppliers, customers, and employees.  Ensuring that this data is secure, and yet always available to those who need it, is foundational to the contract management function.

As one of the longest tenured players in the contract management space, Contract Logix seeks to benefit from the specialized skills and outside perspective of an independent third party to ensure that its security practices remain second to none in the industry. Their educational video on contract security and privacy demonstrates just how complex and involved these issues are.

“We realize that the issues of privacy and security keep CEOs and CIOs up at night,” said Contract Logix Vice President of Technology, Timothy Donaghy.  “In addition to retaining a QSA, our contract management solutions undergo real-time monitoring and continuous security assessments to ensure we meet the industry’s comprehensive security requirements.  Compass IT will help us focus on continuous improvement on our commitment to data security.”

But companies don’t just implement contract management software to store their contract data securely; they primarily use it to minimize their contracting risk.  Ensuring that important contract deadlines and commitments aren’t missed, that only approved contract language is used, and that key terms and clauses across an entire database of contracts can be found in seconds all help identify and mitigate risk.

Similarly, Contract Logix seeks to minimize its technology infrastructure risk by partnering with a company that is an expert in the field.

“Our mission is to help companies assess and manage their IT risk, resulting in adherence to the highest industry standards of security,” said Compass IT Compliance Managing Partner, William DePalma.  “We are pleased to be working with Contract Logix on an ongoing basis to continually maintain compliance with these standards, ensuring the security and privacy of their customers’ contracts and data.”

Contract Logix recently launched Contract Logix Express, the easiest-to-learn and easiest-to-implement contract management system available, for identifying and managing complex legal and financial risk.  Express is built on the Microsoft Azure platform, which is regularly subjected to rigorous third-party security audits, and complies with both international and industry-specific compliance standards.

For more information on how Contract Logix provides a secure central repository for all your important contract data, visit Contract Logix Express.

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