On-Going Support

On-Going Support.

With Contract Logix up an running, on-going support will keep it that way. Whether you have a technical support question or your requirements have changed, our experienced Support and Account Management Teams are ready to address your needs.

Technical & User Support.

System Upgrades.

Customer Satisfaction.

Account Management.

System Reviews.

Understanding CLM Requirements

Our Experienced Account Management and Support Teams are standing by to discuss your needs. Contact Us to find out more.

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Proven Support Process.

We’re also here every step “after” the way too. Now that you’re up and running with Contract Logix, we want to make sure as your needs change we address them. Below is our “On-Going Support” process clearly defined, so you will always know the exact path to success, with Contract Logix.

Technical & User Support

Ensure fast problem resolution. Our customer support delivers fast, expert answers — from how-to questions to any technical issues. Should critical issues arise, you’ll receive an initial response quickly, based on our SLA's. Contact us via our Customer Site, Telephone, Email or Helpdesk.

System Upgrades

Enhancements and more. We release system updates periodically to ensure your system is always secure, reliable and so your business users have access to the latest and greatest features of Contract Logix. Our Support Team will perform any update upon request, so you can stay focused on your day-to-day business challenges.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is important to us! We realize our success comes from having successful customers. From time to time, we will reach out to you via surveys, telephone or email to follow-up on your overall satisfaction. If you ever have a problem or question - don't hesitate to contact our Support or Account Management Teams.

Account Management

Our dedicated Account Management Team helps guide you to the appropriate resources, updates and upgrades for your Contract Logix System. They will answer questions, show you the latest and greatest product demonstrations, help with add-ons and other activities. Reach out to your Account Manager today.

System Reviews

Leverage your full potential. System Reviews give you an "outside" perspective on your system, process and more. Our Team typically conducts annual reviews with customers to ensure they are using all of the appropriate features in the system. We'll also address any issues, needs and requirements as well. Schedule a System Review to learn more.

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