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CLM Solution Delivery

Delivering your new contract management system and helping drive end user adoption within your organization is our number one goal. At this point, you already know we’re with you every step of the way, but your business users are the constituency that matter most. Ultimately they will be using Contract Logix every day to perform their jobs. For the implementation of your solution be deemed a success, their satisfaction is key.

Understanding CLM Requirements

Our Experienced Professional Services Team is standing by to discuss your needs. 

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Proven Delivery Process.

Rapid user adoption is vital to maximize the business value you derive from your CLM system. Below our delivery process is clearly defined, so you will always know the exact path to your success.


The first step in your implementation process will be a discovery session conducted by our Professional Services team. During this consultative session with your team we'll cover your most important questions to successfully meeting your business goals and objectives. Our Team will review all requirements documented within your SOW and will ask related questions to make sure the requirements are clear. In parallel to the initial discovery step, we'll start scheduling your project for resource assignment, pre-implementation training, and your "go live" date.

Workflow Design

Our team will discuss your workflow needs with your business users. Workflow Design makes sure your system will be configured so that data will flow to meet your business needs while maximizing its ease of use. Our team will configure your contract types, views, screens, fields, alerts and more.


Whether you've implemented our SaaS or On-Premise product, our Professional Services team will work with you to configure your system to match your internal nomenclature and the way you work. This means you won't require a lot of your own IT resources to install and set up your business users to leverage the Contract Logix system.

Data Migration

Whether you have 100 or 1 million records and/or documents, data migration is crucial to the success of your project. Our Data Migration Specialists understand this. They will quickly and accurately review, define and map out the migration of your current electronic contract data and documents to your Contract Logix system.

Testing & Tuning

Before you go live, we thoroughly test and tune your system in your own staging environment. Our Professional Services team will step through your solution based on the previous steps and make appropriate adjustments to fine tune the system. This includes assuring your system design, contract documents, clause repository, data fields, views and more are complete.

User Acceptance Testing

Your business users are the most important constituency. Making sure they adopt the system and appropriately test its capabilities is paramount to your success. We'll guide you through this process to confirm that everyone’s needs are being met.


Key to your success is education, absorption, and adoption of automated contract lifecycle management. We offer three tiers to building your education. Our Quick Start Basics program covers three essentials to building CLM knowledge: contract entry, creation, and management. We offer this in self-paced videos or in two-hour instructor-led online sessions both pre-implementation and post implementation.

From there, you can build knowledge with Advanced Training on system specifics and complete the education with "Train the Trainer" sessions using your own data in your own system.

Go Live

When you’re ready to go live, Contract Logix is with you to ensure a smooth launch. We’ll support your team in real time, monitor the system, and introduce you to our Customer Support team to be ready to handle questions in those critical first days of your system use. In the weeks that follow, we’ll provide a smooth transition to Customer Support for your long-term support needs.

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