Draft, Negotiate, Approve & Manage Your Contracts

Contract Logix’s data-driven contract lifecycle management software is the perfect solution to digitally transform the way you request, draft, review, approve, negotiate, execute and manage your contracts and related documents. Learn how to streamline and automate the way you manage legal agreements.

For all these reasons we built our solution.

Perhaps your organization has difficulty maintaining consistency and compliance in the language used in your agreements, or is forced to have your legal counsel draft every contract from scratch, or suffers from inefficiencies and delays caused by your contract approval process. Whether you work in procurement, legal, sales operations, finance, or a dedicated contracting department, it wouldn’t be at all unusual for one or more of these symptoms to sound familiar. At Contract Logix, we’ve helped organizations just like yours solve their challenges for over a decade!

Maybe you have a sales organization, customers, or resellers, who you’d like to enable to request or submit their contracts electronically, but you don’t want to give all of them full licenses to your contract management solution – or perhaps you’re ready to start establishing some key performance indicators for your contracting process and creating some reports and dashboards so you can truly identify where efficiencies can be gained. Whatever your CLM challenge, we’re ready to help you solve it.

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