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Professional Contract Management Solution

Manual contract management – using applications such as spreadsheets and basic databases that are not specifically built for managing contracts – is an inherently inefficient process. Often these inefficiencies go unnoticed until a key deadline is missed, resulting in unrealized cost savings or lapsed compliance.

Designed for small- to mid-sized organizations with moderate to complex needs, as well as for individual departments within large enterprises, Contract Logix’ Professional Contract Management Solution is a robust software system that digitizes and streamlines contract lifecycle management, removing inefficiencies and boosting visibility.

Accelerate your contract process from start to finish.

Start making smarter decisions with improved contract insights and clear visibility into your contract documents and data.

Maximize contract value by controlling expenses and revenue.

Leverage our best-in-class solution to proactively and efficiently manage your contracts.

Professional Contract Management Solution

Features At-A-Glance.

Find out why 100’s of customers rely on the Contract Logix Professional Solution to manage their contracts. Pick and choose from the following menu of included and optional modules and suites:

Central Repository

Securely store, manage and track all of your contract data, documents and supporting materials. The Central repository has all of the features you would expect in an Enterprise-Level solution.

Request Module

Submit contract requests from any device, any location, any time. The Request Module will truly centralize your in-take process, while keeping it simple and easy-to-use for your business users.

Creation Module

Quickly generate contract documents in a matter of seconds. The Creation Module gives you a complete clause and template library and host of features to standardize your contract creation process.

Workflow Module

Automate and control any process with the robust features of Workflow. The Workflow Module lets you define the process and gain insights on process performance and bottlenecks.

Integration Options

Import and export data across various platforms throughout your organization for improved visibility and actionable business information.

Electronic Signatures

Close business faster, means realizing revenue faster. Electronic Signatures provide signatory’s with the easiest, quickest way to sign and execute contracts from directly in the Contract Logix System.

Learn more about Professional (CLM) Deployment Options and User Types. Contract Logix is a safe and secure system. View Security Information.

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Our Professional Contract Lifecycle Management System delivers compelling value for our customers. Industry research shows businesses can save an estimated 20% or more per year on contract management with the proper solution.

Source: Timothy Donaghy, Vice President, Product Management, Contract Logix Leadership

The Next Level of Contract Management.


Contract Logix Professional Solution accelerates every phase of contract management from start to finish. Pre-approved templates and clauses make authoring a snap. Auto-routing and redlining facilitate negotiation, while finalizing agreements is completed via e-signature. Automated alerts and reminders drive post-execution management. Never miss another renewal date again.


Maximize the value of every contract by ensuring agreements are authored in the best interests of your company. You’ll instantly reduce costs and establishing near-immediate return on investment, while taking advantage of opportunities to negotiate more favorable terms in advance of a renewal or terminating a contract that’s costing you money.


Increase visibility into the scope of your contracts, as well as your levels of regulatory compliance, using powerful reporting and analytical functions to mine your contract and document repository for valuable insights and actionable business data.


A single, secure, centralized repository houses all of your contracts, maintaining privacy and ensuring accessibility in the event of an audit. Whether you choose to deploy a hosted or on-premise solution, your contracts and related data are accessible with a few clicks, yet protected by privacy technology and role-based security.

Goldman Sachs reports that companies using contract management software can reduce annual contract management expenses by 20 to 50 percent.

Source: Goldman Sachs

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