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“Our Premium software product is really cool. It’s modern, and intuitive, and easy to use. It’s incredibly secure, and it manages the entire contract lifecycle from contract requests and creation, to workflows, redlining, approvals, and execution. Just request a demo, I know you’ll be impressed with how cleanly and simply it will help accomplish your important contract management tasks.”

— Wayne Foster, Sr. Director of Product Management, Contract Logix

Contract Logix Premium™.

Our Premium™ contract management solution is the perfect solution if you are ready to store your contracts in a secure, centralized electronic repository, AND are ready to create, negotiate, approve, and execute your contracts through a centralized platform as well.

Perhaps your organization has difficulty maintaining consistency and compliance in the language used in your agreements, or is forced to have your legal counsel draft every contract from scratch, or suffers from inefficiencies and delays caused by your contract approval process. Whether you work in procurement, legal, sales operations, finance, or a dedicated contracting department, it wouldn’t be at all unusual for one or more of these symptoms to sound familiar. At Contract Logix for well over a decade, we’ve helped hundreds of companies solve their challenges – so you’re not alone!

Maybe you have a sales organization, customers, or resellers, who you’d like to enable to request or submit their contracts electronically, but you don’t want to give all of them full licenses to your contract management solution – or perhaps you’re ready to start establishing some key performance indicators for your contracting process and creating some reports and dashboards so you can truly identify where efficiencies can be gained.

For all these reasons we built Premium. It’s perfect for situations like yours, where companies use it to:

Ensure compliance and minimize risk throughout the entire contract lifecycle.

Empower non-legal staff to build contracts using pre-approved legal language.

Leverage approved alternative language, if required, during the negotiation process.

Free up in-house or external counsel to focus on more complex legal matters.

Manage the flow of agreements through negotiation, approval, and signature.

Enforces different contract review and approval workflows based on your business rules.

Accelerate the execution of contracts with your customers by using electronic signatures.

Identify roadblocks, bottlenecks, and optimization opportunities in your contracting process.

Enable staff without full system access to request or submit contracts for approval.

Track and retain all redlines and changes made to contracts during negotiation.

Features At-A-Glance.

Find out why organizations like yours rely on the Contract Logix Premium contract management solution to create, negotiation, approve, execute, and manage their contracts.


Intuitive interface, works on all browsers/devices, contract repository, safe/secure data, alerts/tasks, powerful search, automatic OCR of documents, reports/dashboards, audit trail, version control.


Compose contract documents leveraging data from within system records and business rules, as well as clause and template libraries. Content is automatically sequenced, styled and formatted.


Empower non-legal staff to generate legally-compliant contracts using pre-approved clause language and contract templates defined by your legal team.


Leverage pre-approved alternative clauses to replace standard clauses during the negotiation process without the need to compose language from scratch.


Dictate controlled contracting processes to which end-users must adhere for requests, reviews, approvals, and post-execution compliance – based on business rules and triggers.


Track and tag every edit and approval by every user involved in the contract review process, as well as allow simultaneous edits of the contract by multiple users.


Create intuitive intake forms for users inside or outside your organization to request or submit contracts for review, approval, and possible execution via defined workflows and business rules.

Elegant, Efficient Contract Lifecycle Management.


Contract Logix Premium automates virtually every step of your contracting process from contract authoring to execution and management. It does so through screens, forms, rules, and workflows that are intuitive and easy to understand, and yet which meet your most complex requirements.


By empowering non-legal staff to generate viable contracts, others to request or submit contracts via intuitive forms, dictating required contracting steps and processes through workflows, and enabling contract execution through e-signature technology, your organization becomes vastly more efficient.


Creating consistently compliant contracts across multiple departments or divisions using a centralized system for managing those contracts throughout their entire lifecycle is a powerful thing for a company to do. The minimized corporate risk that results more than justifies the investment.


Contract Logix Premium optimizes your contract lifecycle. It increases your velocity to value. It allows legal staff to focus on more complex legal issues, and business users to be more productive – and accurate – at creating, negotiating, approving, executing and managing your contracts.



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