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Express Contract Management Solution

“We were up and running with the Contract Logix Express product quite quickly.  We’ve expanded the types of agreements we plan to manage within the system. During the onboarding process, it has been extremely helpful to have a dedicated person to help us get up and running.”

– Jacob Cross, Partnership Development Manager,
Recorded Books, Inc.

Small to midsize enterprises, or small departments within larger organizations, face many of the same challenges faced by large enterprises in the management of their contracts. Your contracts are scattered throughout your company in various formats, from paper to shared folders to Excel spreadsheets.  They are spread across various filing cabinets and hard drives of people who work, or previously worked, for your organization.

The person responsible for managing your contracts has other responsibilities, and keeping track of your key contract terms and expiration dates can be a nightmare. And you have limited budget to invest in a solution.

Contract Logix Express Solution is perfect for situations like these. Organizations like yours use it to:

Organize all contracts and supporting documents for more efficient access, from one centralized electronic repository.

Provide secure, role-based access to contracts, ensuring the right people have access to the right contract information.

Eliminate the risk of missed deadlines via proactive notifications for important contract terms or dates.

Meet the toughest compliance requirements by providing a complete audit trail of all changes made to contract records and supporting documents.

Onboard this solution in just 1 hour and begin benefiting from all its valuable features.

Features At-A-Glance.

Find out why organizations like yours rely on the Contract Logix Express Solution to manage their contracts.

Central Repository

Securely store, manage and track all your contract data, documents and supporting materials. The Central Repository has all the features you would expect in solution built to meet even enterprise-level needs.

Intuitive Interface

The use and adoption of the system is maximized by its easy-to-use interface, keeping it simple to for business users to both administer and use.

Reminders & Notifications

Set unlimited email and in-system alerts, as well as tasks and due dates to remind you of important contract terms and dates, utilizing unlimited email templates specific to your organization. Never miss an important deadline again!

Powerful Search

Locate any contract, contact, or organization record using full-text search of all data and documents. All uploaded text-based and image-based documents are OCR scanned for full-text search of their content.

Reports & Dashboards

Use both standard and user-defined reports and dashboards to track and manage your contracts. Redraw or export data from these to multiple formats at the click of a button.

Audit Trail & Version Control

Automatically produce a complete audit trail of all changes made to records in the system, as well as maintain version control of every associated document.

Our Express Contract Management System delivers compelling value for our customers. Industry research shows businesses can save an estimated 20% or more per year on contract management with the proper solution.

Source: Timothy Donaghy, Vice President, Technology, Contract Logix

Organized, Efficient Contract Management.


Contract Logix Express Solution delivers complete control over your organization’s most important contracts, agreements, and supporting documents, ensuring they deliver maximum business value. And it does so through an interface business users can easily use and adopt.


By storing all your contracts and related documents in one place, creating alerts and tasks to ensure the deadlines are met, and providing full-text search of all that content, the efficiency of your contracting process will soar. Everything you need will be right at your fingertips.


Through its powerful reporting dashboarding capabilities, you will gain new insights into your contracting process and workload, enabling more informed management decisions about your contracts.


Contract Logix Express Solution provides the most configurable, most easily onboarded and managed platform available anywhere. Define your own contract types, screens, layouts, and fields. Easily migrate your existing contract data from Excel, and upload supporting documents via simple drag & drop.

Goldman Sachs reports that companies using contract management software can reduce annual contract management expenses by 20 to 50 percent.

Source: Goldman Sachs

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