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Large organizations face significant challenges in enterprise contract lifecycle management (ECLM).  Your contracts are extraordinarily complex, addressing complicated legal and regulatory requirements that vary from contract to contract.  And the velocity at which these requirements change make gaining control over your ECLM processes absolutely essential to the success of your organization.

Contract Logix Enterprise (ECLM) Solution is a powerful solution, putting you in charge of your contracts, strengthening your enterprise by contributing to top-line and bottom-line revenue growth.

Leverage a robust, enterprise-level architecture, allowing you to tightly integrate contract management into your existing infrastructure, data models, and processes.

Elegant system provides businesses in more than 50 industries with the tools they need to efficiently manage their contracts.

Gain the right insights and overall contract management best practices throughout your organization.

Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

Features At-A-Glance.

Find out why hundreds of customers rely on the Contract Logix Enterprise System to manage their contracts.

Central Repository

Securely store, manage and track all of your contract data, documents and supporting materials. The Central Repository has all of the features you would expect in an enterprise-level solution.

Request Module

Submit contract requests from any device, any location, any time. The Request Module will truly centralize your in-take process, while keeping it simple and intuitive for your business users.

Creation Module

Quickly generate contract documents in a matter of seconds. The Creation Module gives you a complete clause and template library and host of features to standardize your contract creation process.

Workflow Module

Automate and control any process with the robust features of workflow. The Workflow Module lets you define the process and gain insights on process performance and bottlenecks.

Integration Options

Import and export data across various platforms throughout your organization for improved visibility and actionable business information.

Electronic Signatures

Closing business faster, means realizing revenue faster. Electronic Signatures provide signatories with the easiest, quickest way to sign and execute contracts from directly from the Contract Logix system.

Learn more about Enterprise (CLM) Deployment Options and User Types. Contract Logix is a safe and secure system. View Security Information.

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Our Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management System delivers compelling value for our customers. Industry research shows businesses can save an estimated 20% or more per year on contract management with the proper solution.

Source: Timothy Donaghy, Vice President, Product Management, Contract Logix Leadership

Comprehensive, Integrated Contract Management.


Contract Logix facilitates complete control over both your contract processes. With a library of approved templates and clauses, you’ll be assured that contracts throughout your organization are executed in the best interest of your company.


In industries under heavy regulation and governance, such as healthcare & pharmaceuticals and oil & gas, an ECLM system can help ensure your absolute certainty of compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, and other internal and external regulations.


Importing and exporting data between your ECLM solution and other business software applications creates an unparalleled level of visibility within your organization. Beyond just establishing a centralized repository for your contracts, integrating data aids company-wide reporting that produces actionable business data for smarter decision-making.


Contract Logix provides the most configurable, most robust ECLM solution on the market. From making sure you never miss a renewal date to providing cross-platform analytics, our ECLM solution will help drive revenue and savings while assuring confidence in your compliance efforts.

Goldman Sachs reports that companies using contract management software can reduce annual contract management expenses by 20 to 50 percent.

Source: Goldman Sachs

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