Customer Success

“The Contract Logix team’s attention to detail and exceptional communication through the onboarding process confirmed that we made the right decision in choosing their product.”

— Pam Johnson, Legal Contract Coordinator

Contract Management Success Assured.

Get up and running with Contract Logix products quickly and easily with the help of our Customer Success Team. We’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your team learns how to onboard, administer and use your contract management system. To us, your success is our success.

Learn-by-doing implementation process.

U.S.-based onboarding and support teams.

Live, online, and video training to ensure rapid user adoption.

Learn to onboard and administer your system in about an hour.

Contract Management Services Overview

Configuration to Mirror Your Business.

Our contract management products are extremely easy to configure. We’ll work with you to add fields, contract types, reports, and more – to match your organization’s needs and naming conventions. We’ll show you how to add users to the system and define their roles and permissions. Everything you need so your system mirrors your business!

Internal administrator configuration training.

Set up log-in requirements and role-based access.

Workbook and step-by-step checklist driven process.

Define screens, fields, drop-down menus, contract types, users.

Ensure that when your end-users log in, they love what they see!

Contract Management Services Overview

Migration of Your Existing Data.

Once your system is configured, you’re ready to start entering data and documents into it. And if you already have some of your data in spreadsheet form, you can easily migrate it into the system using simple drag-and-drop functionality. Our Customer Success Team will show you how it’s done, and your end-users will be off and running with their own data and documents in no time.

Simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Includes contract, contact, and organization data, as well as supporting documents.

Attach related documents to your contracts and organizations.

Template-driven process includes your custom fields, screens, sections, contract types, etc.

Quickly Migrate to Contract Logix Contract Management Software

Convenient Training to Ensure Adoption.

Become the expert! Our contract management software is extremely intuitive and easy to learn. Our team empowers your internal administrator, as well as your user community, with everything needed to effectively adopt and use your system.  And you do so using you OWN data and documents.

Live, online and video training.

Online help within the software itself.

Focus on administrator, super-user and end-user needs.

Training for Contract Management Software

We’re Here to Help.

Let our experienced support representatives help with any questions or problems that arise. We provide convenient administrative, end-user, and technical support to ensure you can do your job day in and day out.

U.S.-based customer support team.

Available by phone, online form, or email.

Undergo rigorous and ongoing product training.

Assists with onboarding, administrative, and end-user questions.

Contract Lifecycle Management Support

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