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Our Contract Management Platform

Comprehensive, data-driven contract management platform that’s configurable to meet your needs throughout all phases of the contract management pre and post-execution processes.

Two flexible product editions– Express CMS and Premium CLM.

Key platform advantages:

Secure, centralized contract management platform provides visibility from anywhere, anytime

Holistic view of every contract detail for accelerated contract processing - with stage, status and progress reporting

Flexible contract workflow ensuring user adoption with no missed obligations or important contract dates

Express CMS Premium CLM
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Our CLM & Contract Management Platform Options

Express CMS

A smart and easy-to-use contract central repository to manage all of your contracts, contacts, organizations, and associated documents throughout the post-execution processes.

Express CMS Benefits:

Quickly, centralize, search and manage all of your contracts and supporting documents

Efficiently manage contract amendments and addendums and automate reminders, tasks, and calendars

Track and monitor your contracts’ performance with dashboards and customizable reports

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Premium CLM

An end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform to automate the entire contract process. Built with all Express CMS functionality, Premium CLM further enhances your workflow by incorporating pre-execution contract management. Leverage request & intake, document creation & authoring, reviews & approvals and electronic signatures. 

Premium CLM Benefits:

Empower business users by centralizing requests for contracts and document intake using responsive web forms

Create and author contract documents faster using approved language from clause and template libraries

Automate your contract processes using configurable workflows based on your dynamic business rules or compliance requirements

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Frictionless Collaboration & Negotiation

Contract Logix is a revolutionary way to negotiate contracts in real-time with speed, ease-of-use, and complete visibility. It’s secure and simple for ALL parties to review, comment, edit, approve, and e-sign contracts simultaneously from any device.

Transform the way you collaborate and negotiate:

You’ll never again need to send contracts for review via email. It’s an experience everyone will love.

Automatically capture internal and third party edits, redlines, and comments throughout the negotiation with a complete history – all in ONE place

Fast-track internal and third-party approvals and signatures for buy-side and sell-side agreements

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Integrate with Your Business Systems

The integrity of data across your business is critical. That’s why Contract Logix easily integrates with your existing business applications such as e-signature, IDP, ERP, and CRM via pre-built integrations or using our API.

You’ll ensure a single source of truth for all your data and deliver increased productivity, accuracy and business intelligence.

Pre-built integrations or flexible REST API lets you bi-directionally send, receive, and sync your data between applications

Receive vendor management updates from your ERP system, send customer information from your CRM, sync financial obligations to your accounting software, aggregate all your reporting, and more

Support for common business use cases and also fully customizable for your specific business needs

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Customer Success Model

Knowledgeable subject matter experts (CSMs) stay engaged with clients for the life of their contract. This ensures clients gain the most value from the software quickly, but more importantly improve as their user adoption and maturity of contract processes changes over time.

Customer Success Model Benefits:

Provides practical tips and best practices throughout the implementation or ongoing usage of the platform

Helps and guides your project team throughout the setup and configuration of your solution and workflow

Facilitate administrator and end user training to drive user adoption of the software

Provide U.S.-based phone, email, online and screen share support

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