Contract Logix Recognizes High Achievement in Digital Contract Transformation (DCX), Announcing 2022 DCX Award Winners

Customer Awards Program Celebrates Trailblazers Digitally Transforming Contract Lifecycle Management into an Intelligent, Automated, and Data-Driven Function

Lowell, MA – March 14, 2023 – Contract Logix, a leading provider of data-driven contract management software, today announced the winners of its second annual Digital Contract Transformation (DCX) awards. The winning organization and individual were recognized for driving excellence and commitment to contract lifecycle management (CLM) and for evangelizing how DCX can have a significant positive impact on business processes, as well as improve collaboration, mitigate risk, increase compliance, and finalize business faster.

The 2022 DCX Award winners were selected based on the most compelling examples of how they digitally transformed their CLM process and strategies through workflow automation, user adoption, increased visibility, and collaboration, as well as delivering excellent results to internal and external stakeholders.

Digital Contract Transformation of the Year Award Winner – Organizational Category:

Westwood Professional Services, for dramatic improvements and efficiency gains made by streamlining and automating its contracting processes. Westwood is a leading full-service engineering firm serving public infrastructure, private development, renewables, and power delivery clients from 23 offices across the U.S. Before transforming its CLM, many of the firm’s over 1,000 employees were generating contract requests via email, a manual process that was difficult to manage. By digital transformation of their contract management capabilities with automated workflows, a centralized digital contract repository, Westwood advanced their analytic capabilities. Westwood is now able to benchmark and track critical contract-related KPIs to optimize the performance of its contracts, identify and remove process bottlenecks, and gain a complete picture of major contract lifecycle milestones, like requesting, drafting, negotiating, approving, and signing contracts.

“Westwood is extremely proud of this honor,” said Jacki Barnett, Contract Manager at Westwood Professional Services. “As employees became comfortable with the program after implementation, we experienced significant improvements in our contract management process. We’re using automated workflows to keep contracts moving through the firm, and we are excited to continually adapt and enhance our process.”

Digital Contract Transformation of the Year Award Winner – Individual Category:

Francine Leitch, Legal Operations Administrator, GTT, Inc. for successfully centralizing, for the first time, contracts and a contract request process for Guyana’s largest telecommunications provider. GTT has over 700 employees and a subscriber base of over three hundred thousand. Leitch successfully spearheaded digital contract transformation at GTT, moving the organization from email contract requests to a centralized CLM process and platform that allows the organization to get real-time visibility into the stage and status of its contract-related activities as well automate workflows for alerts, notifications, and approvals to ensure the company meets all its compliance requirements. In addition, GTT has experienced an 80% improvement in its renewal process while eliminating the risk of missed contractual obligations.

“I, and the GTT team, are honored by this recognition,” said Leitch. “The Contract Logix platform has allowed us to automate workflows and more efficiently and accurately request, approve, negotiate, and execute our contracts. The platform’s reporting capabilities have allowed us to leverage our contract data to improve processes and ensure compliance.”

Contract Logix’s Digital Contract Transformation awards are open to all Contract Logix customers. The awards are designed to celebrate and recognize those that have digitally transformed their contract management processes into an intelligent and data-driven function.

“Contract Logix is proud to honor our 2022 Digital Contract Transformation Award winners. Our customers are our greatest asset, and we continue to learn from them through the innovative and creative ways they use our platform,” said Karen Meyer, CEO, Contract Logix. “This year’s winners are revolutionizing and transforming their organization’s contract lifecycle management and showing how harnessing the wealth of data in their contracts can have a true impact on the bottom line.”

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