Striving for Success in Contract Management

By Justin Perkins

Looking across a business and wanting ways to do something unique and extremely important for each client is where Contract Logix’s success focus comes into play. The decision to adopt contract management software can appear to be a very daunting task for any organization. After all, for many companies, the present mode of operation for contract management is spreadsheets, email, and shared folders. Moving from that model to a SaaS-based platform isn’t an easy decision, even if it does deliver a wealth of contract management benefits. That’s why ensuring customer success is a huge focus for us at Contract Logix, but don’t just take my word for it.


“Contract Logix stands apart in that they do not leave you stranded to fend for yourself with a third-party support provider.  They really take the time to directly address every single query or concern and avoid the pattern of short cuts or passing on the buck that a number of others in the IT industry take.  For example, their client success team helped us troubleshoot a challenge during end of business day on New Year’s Eve and they would have gladly lent additional guidance past end of this day but for their clearing up the matter in a timely fashion.  In a nutshell, Contract Logix’s support is both solid and attentive.  We truly appreciate Contract Logix’s professional services team working closely with us to align with our organization’s unique needs in contract management.”

– Sachin Verma, MedAvail Technologies


Sachin spoke to the heart of what we look to have each of our Customer Success Managers deliver for every client — no matter the size. It’s about providing guidance from day one to 3 years in the future, and as needs change or grow, to have someone who can help you understand how to tackle these projects with best practices on hand. Not only that but doing so without any additional charge or service fee. It’s entirely driven by our goal for our customers to succeed.

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From the perspective of a new customer, this guidance is critical towards helping rapidly get up and running and using Contract Logix effectively. Even though our solution is easy and intuitive to use and implement, we understand that this may still be a new concept for your business. Our U.S.-Based Customer Success Managers will be the dedicated folks to whom you can reach out with questions, concerns, to learn best practices, or because you simply can’t remember how to do something (if you are like me and have the memory of a fish, this might be more often than not). These individuals will be with your business every step along the way helping make sure you do things correctly.


“We were up and running with the Contract Logix Express product quite quickly. We’ve already expanded the types of agreements we plan to manage within the system. During the onboarding process, it has been extremely helpful to have a dedicated person to help us get up and running.”

– Jacob Cross, Partnership Development Manager, Recorded Books, Inc.


Maybe you need to quickly get a new member of the team up to speed with some training on the administration side of the contract management system? Or a year from now, perhaps you want to change your contract management process and leverage even more functionality?

This is where having a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) comes into play. They are your resource and key point of contact to help push you forward into truly using our solution, getting value from it, and having a positive impact on your contract management processes.


Contract Logix looks to empower our customers by constantly giving you the tools, the solution, and the CSM to help support you and your business as it grows and as your contract management needs change. We will be that central source of truth for best practices and guidance along your path to managing your contracts with the full power of our solutions.

About the Author

Justin Perkins is a Solutions Engineer with Contract Logix. For the past 3 years, he’s worked with hundreds of customers to help them find the right CLM solution to digitize their contract lifecycle management processes. In addition to helping people solve their CLM pain points, Justin is huge fan of going to see the next big movie in theaters or just spending time experimenting with cooking meals for families and friends at home.

Skills/Knowledge: Contract Lifecycle Management, Salesforce Administration, NetSuite Administration, CRM, ERP, E-Commerce.