Benefits of Pre-Approved Contract Language & Contract Clause Library

Contract management systems today are unique and can really speed up the contract creation and authoring process. An example of this is contract creation and authoring. Many contract systems have full-featured clause and contract template libraries, which not only store and organize your language, but more efficiently allow the creation of contracts. You can create full contracts from contract records in seconds. No need to manually add and remove clauses to create the proper agreement – based on terms or criteria.

Contract creation tools features:

  • Create new contracts quickly and accurately using Microsoft Word within the system
  • Clause library allows central storage and ability to set authorized use of approved legal language
  • Designate alternative language clauses
  • Contract template library facilitates drag and drop creation of contract templates using approved clauses
  • Clause update allows language changes at the clause level to be applied across all templates
  • Data merge features automatically merge contract data into contracts
  • Secure check-in/check-out features anable more accurate negotiating and authoring
  • Dynamic Clauses allow clauses to be automatically included in contracts based on data
  • Assign user editing rights at the clause level

Find out more about Contract Logix contract creation capabilities within our Premium software product and start generating agreements on-the-fly and in a matter of seconds. The system will fully merge all of the appropriate data and will – based on business rules – add the appropriate language!