Contract Management KPIs – Ammunition For Optimization

Defining your organization’s contract management key performance indicators (KPIs) can be a difficult, yet necessary, undertaking.

Contract management KPIs can at first be elusive but once defined and benchmarked will serve as the mechanisms upon which you can rely for optimizing your contract lifecycle management (CLM) processes. In this white paper are included 10 common contract management KPI examples upon which you can immediately focus to help organize, streamline, and manage your contracting process. By addressing each KPI discussed in this white paper you will improve your understanding of your organizational contracting steps, milestones, requirements, timeframes, and standards, which will lead to improved contracting efficiency and reduced risk.

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  • Average Total Number of Days/Time in Contract Lifecycle
  • Number of Missed Contracting Milestones
  • Frequency of Deviation from Pre-Approved Contract Language
  • 7 Others…

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