Understand Requirements

Understanding CLM Requirements.

Understanding your Contract Lifecycle Requirements is the first step in our proven process. Our Business Value Managers and Sales Team will discuss your needs on an initial discovery call, ensuring every step of the way we’re providing accurate, related information to YOU. It’s important to recognize you’re part of a unique business, where out-of-the-box solutions can’t address you overall business needs properly. Contract Logix is one of today’s most flexible CLM Systems to meet your growing demands.

Product Information and Feasibility.

CLM Product Demonstrations.

CLM Statement of Work Questionnaire.

System Proposal and Quotation.

System Agreement.

Understanding CLM Requirements

Our Experienced Sales Reps and Business Value Managers are standing by to discuss your needs. Contact Us to find out more.

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Proven Discovery Process.

Discovering your CLM Requirements and Business Needs is an important step in the selection process. Below is our “Understanding CLM Requirements” process clearly defined, so you will always know the exact path to success, with Contract Logix.

Product Info & Feasibility

Discover the fastest path to success by scheduling a discovery call with our highly trained team. During these consultative session(s), we'll cover your most important questions essential to successfully meeting your business goals and objectives. Our Sales Team will review all requirements to better understand not only feasibility of your project, but to provide insights, best practices and guidance where applicable. With Contract Logix, we are with you every step of the way.

Product Demonstrations

Schedule a demonstration of Contract Logix with our Sales Team and accelerate your contract management process. During our interactive demos, we'll start off by addressing common up-front questions, and then we'll dive deeper with a complete functional demonstration. To cap it off, during Q&A you can ask any outstanding questions, to make sure you have all the information you need. Every question properly answered or addressed with industry-leading details.

Statement of Work Questionnaire

Ensure success by making sure you have the right system and services for your exact project. Filling out our Statement of Work Questionnaire lets us review each need in greater detail so we can discuss all of your options together. With Contract Logix, we make this process easy and engaging so you're comfortable knowing exactly what success looks like.

Proposal & Quotation

Once Discovery, Demos and the SOW Questionnaire have been checked off the list, we'll create a complete proposal matching your exact needs. So whatever the project or system requirements, we have the expertise to maximize your success. Request a detailed proposal from our Sales Team to realize the value of Contract Logix.


The last step in your path to success! Our team will take all of the knowledge from the previous steps and will create an agreement for your review and consideration. Everything's negotiable, but we're confident you will find this step quick and easy. So we can start focusing on transforming your contract management process. Enjoy your new system, but don't forget we're here every step of the way!

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