Deliver Solution

Deliver Solution.

Delivering your new contract system, while helping drive user adoption can be the difference between success and failure of your project. At this point you already know we’re with you every step of the way, but it’s your business users which matter most. Ultimately they will be using Contract Logix every day to perform their job responsibilities and duties. Success means their experience and satisfaction is key.

Installation & Set-up. (If Applicable)

Post-Production Training.

User Adoption and Acceptance Testing.

Performance Tuning.

Understanding CLM Requirements

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Proven Delivery Process.

Rapid User Adoption is extremely important to maximize success of your CLM System. Below is our “Deliver Solution” process clearly defined, so you will always know the exact path to success, with Contract Logix.

Installation & Set-up

Whether you've implemented our SaaS or On-Premise System, installation should be fast and exceptional. Our Professional Services Team will set-up and configure your system throughout the delivery process. This means you don't require tons of IT resources to install and set-up your important business users for leveraging the Contract Logix System.

Post-Production Training

Depending on your SOW and Project Requirements, post-production training will provide interactive training on your configured system. Business Users will have a more complete experience, by training on the exact system they will be using day in and day out.

User Adoption & Testing

Business Users are the most critical throughout your project. Making sure they adopt the new system and appropriately test its capabilities is paramount to your project success. We'll guide you through this process with even the most demanding of situations.

Performance Tuning

Performance is more than just speed. Throughout the delivery process we'll be looking for bottlenecks and scenarios not captured within UAT. This is another "check" to make sure you're tracking the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. Of course we'll also perform any related "tune-ups" as needed.

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