Agree On Solution

Agree On Solution.

Agreeing on your project and solution requirements is key to ultimately maximizing your CLM project. This starts with our Professional Services Team. They will schedule an initial project discovery call to learn any additional details about your project. Once complete, your project with kick-off with a detailed project plan, training schedule and more.

Project Discovery and Training.

System Design.

Business Process Consulting.

System Integration.

Data Migration.

Configure, Build & Test.

Understanding CLM Requirements

Our Experienced Professional Services Team is standing by to discuss your needs. Contact Us to find out more.

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Proven Implementation Process.

Maximizing your system and resources throughout your implementation project is critical. Below is our “Agree On Solution” process clearly defined, so you will always know the exact path to success, with Contract Logix.

Project Discovery & Training

To start your implementation project, our Professional Services Team will schedule a project discovery call. During these consultative session(s), we'll cover your most important questions essential to successfully meeting your business goals and objectives throughout the engagement. Our Team will review all requirements stated within your SOW and Agreement and will ask related questions to make sure the requirements are clear. In Parallel to the initial project discovery, we'll start scheduling your project for kick-off, resource assignment, and training. With Contract Logix, we are with you every step of the way.

System Design

Our highly trained services team will consult with your business users, so your vision of the system will come to life. System Design Consulting makes sure your system will be configured to meet your business needs while maximizing ease of use. Our team will configure your contract types, views, screens, fields and more.

Business Process Consulting

Drive your contract management process efficiently without sacrificing effectiveness. Business Process Consulting will help you achieve full adoption and maximum business value from Contract Logix. Our service team will help you detail and review your current processes and will translate them into a new, streamlined "flow" your business users will enjoy.

System Integration

Go further with System Integration by sending, receiving and syncing data with your other internal systems. Contract Logix gives you the ability to integrate with virtually any other system. During implementation for integration, our Professional Services Team will define, map out and configure bi-directional integration between your most critical systems.

Data Migration

Whether you have 100 or 1 million records and/or documents, Data Migration is crucial to the success of your project. Our Data Migration Specialists understand this. They will quickly and accurately review, define and map out the migration of all of your current contract data and documents.

Configure, Build & Test

The finish line for your implementation project! Our Professional Services Team will configure, build and test your complete contract solution based on all of the previous steps. This includes your system design, process, documents, data collection and more. Step-by-step, you're covered knowing our team will go through everything with a fine-toothed comb.

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