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System Integration Modules.

The System Integration Modules are Add-ons for our Professional CLM Solutions.

With Contract Logix’s System Integration Modules, keeping your systems in sync and seamlessly integrated between each other is easy. Using multiple technologies, Contract Logix can send, receive, and sync data bi-directionally, ensuring your data is up-to-date and current. Integration can be performed in real-time using our APIs (JSON Restful), or scheduled for any increment and recurrence using our Import and Export tools. Configure rules during integration to ensure the proper “System of Record” or “Source of Truth” for your important data.

Contract Logix’s System Integration Modules lets you send, receive, and sync data between virtually any systems.

Send, receive, and sync data using multiple technologies.

Define “System of Record” and “Source of Truth” rules.

Leverage real-time APIs, convenient Import and Export Tools, or Database-to-Database-level options.

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Professional Contract Lifecycle Management

Send, Receive, and Sync information between any internal system. Our System Integration Modules give you all the tools to seamless integrate data across your business.

The System Integration Modules are Add-ons for ALL Professional Systems.

Seamless Integration.

Seamlessly sync data in real-time with Contract Logix’s Integration Modules. These Professional modules give you all the features you need to dynamically integrate your data across your business.

Multiple Integration Technologies

Sync data in real-time using our APIs (JSON Restful), or schedule batches using our Import and Export tools.

Integrate with Any System

Supports ANY internal system, so you can control and integrate your business data. Integrate with CRM, ERP, Finance and other systems.

System of Record

Define rules on the data during “update” or “insert” process, to ensure you’re conforming to your business standards.

Audit Logs and Reports

Automatic auditing and logs make sure your data is consistent without exceptions.

Schedule or Real-time

Conveniently schedule your data integration after business hours, or perform in real-time.

Multiple File formats and Databases

Send, receive, and sync data from multiple data sources and formats. You can even import and export spreadsheet data.

Unlimited Configurations

Create unlimited “integrations” between systems, so your data stays consistent between all systems interacting with your contracts.

…and so much more. These are just a few of the features Contract Logix has to offer. To find out more about all of the system’s capabilities, please schedule a live system demo. We’ll walk you through it, from start to finish.

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Source: Aberdeen Group, “Best-in-Class Performance in Contract Management”



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