Redlining & Approval

Redlining & Approvals

Contract Logix Premium solution includes contract management redlining and approval software to make your negotiation and review process more streamlined, accurate, and organized. From its collaborative co-authoring capabilities to its auto-save and version control features to its ability to pull in alternative contract clauses for the contracts you create, it makes what can be a very challenging part of your process MUCH easier.

Tracks all changes, comments, accepts, and rejects on a contract document.

Auto-saves changes after each session, and saves a new, additional version.

Allows multiple simultaneous users to edit a document and collaborate via chat.

Chat feature can be used for proprietary comments not viewable by third party.

Enables users to replace standard clauses with alternative clauses from library.

Enables document check-out via either URL for download or as an email attachment.

Check document back in after external review for further review/changes or approval.

A Contract Document With Redlines & Comments.

A Contract Document With Redlines & Comments.

Comprehensive Features

Automate, systematize, and dramatically reduce the time it takes to negotiate your contracts – thereby accelerating your velocity to contract value. Whether the value of your agreement be recognized revenue, or the benefits of the product or service for which you’ve contracted, our redlining (track changes) and approval capabilities will positively impact your bottom line.


Leverage all the capabilities you’d expect when editing a document – track changes, accepting changes, tracked comments, closed comments – all very easy to use and understand.


Enjoy the auto-save and auto-versioning feature that saves a new document version each time a user’s session ends. The new, numbered version of the document will be saved with all others.


Review and redline simultaneous to other users. Collaborate with any other users who are simultaneously reviewing or redling the document via the system’s chat feature.


Use the chat feature to add comments to the document that only your internal users can see. Use traditional comments when you want third parties to be included.


Access your clause library to replace original document language with acceptable pre-approved alternative language for contracts that your organization created.


Share document outside of the system via either email containing URL where recipient can download the document, or via email where document file is included as an attachment.

These are just a few of the features and benefits that our redlining and approval capabilities deliver. To find out more about all the software’s capabilities, please schedule a live system demo. We’ll walk you through it, from start to finish.



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