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Contract Templates: 5 Advantages They Provide

Once you’ve taken the first step toward efficient contract management by centralizing your agreements, you can then begin using electronic contract templates to further take control of your processes and begin to streamline the overall contract lifecycle.

Managing Risks in Government Contracting

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How CLM Software Helps Enterprises Secure Financing

It’s not enough to simply keep a record of contract data – it is important to be able to leverage that data to support decisions that help enterprises succeed. Contract Logix’ innovative CLM software takes contract data to the next level and enables contract managers to make decisions that improve an enterprise’s access to financing options.

How Contract Managers Can Support Business Development

It seems to happen every year. Contract managers get so busy with day-to-day operations that the renewal dates for existing contracts just seem to sneak up on them…and sales and marketing managers! Sometimes it even appears that those contract renewal dates pile up during the busiest of periods.



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