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Your Success Assured

Get up and running quickly and easily.

Every customer is assigned a Customer Success Manager to help you onboard, administer, and get the most value out of your intelligent contract management system.

Learn-by-doing implementation process

U.S.-based service and support via direct phone and email

Live, online, and video training to ensure rapid user adoption.

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Contract Management Services Overview
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Configurable to Your Needs

An intelligent contract management platform that’s configurable to your specific departmental needs, use cases, and processes. Tailor the type of data captured in your records and how it is presented in the software so it’s aligned to your organizational requirements.  

Easily add and modify contract types, fields, layouts, drop-down menus, and reports with a simple drag and drop process

Complete flexibility to customize and group the data captured in your records and organize data based on different relationships like contracts, organizations, contacts, documents, etc.

Quickly add users, log-in requirements, and define roles and permissions

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Contract Management Services
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Harness All Your Contract Data

Easily migrate all of your existing contract data into the system using our data migration tool.

The platform intelligently structures your data to deliver real-time and actionable business insights via search and reports.

Search and report on all your contract data and view it by any relationship. It works just like a search engine.

Includes contract, contact, document, and organization data

Simple drag-and-drop functionality

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Quickly Migrate to Contract Logix Contract Management Software
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Training for You and Your Team

Become the expert! Our contract management software is intuitive and easy to learn.

We empower your internal administrator and user community with the necessary tools to adopt, use, and get value from the platform.  

Flexible training options: live, online, and video

Integrated help function in the software

Supports the needs of all various types

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Training for Contract Management Software
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We’re Here to Help

Our knowledgeable customer success and support representatives provide convenient administrative, end-user, and technical assistance to ensure you get the job done.

U.S.-based customer support

Available via direct phone, email, and online form

Team of experienced contract lifecycle management experts

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Contract Management Support

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